What Is WWE’s Brand To Brand Invitation And What Does It Mean?

You may have heard the term "brand to brand invitation" this week on WWE's Raw, but are uncertain on what it means. Here is a lowdown on this new rule.

WWE’s Drew McIntyre mentioned the brand-to-brand invitation during Raw this week, but what does this mean for the brand split? And which stars can make a brand switch?

Why The Brand-To-Brand Invitation Was Implemented?

Raw introduces brand to brand invitation

Many people believe this new rule was implemented due to a lack of WWE superstars on the roster. Last month, the company released a lot of people from the main roster. And, we’re seeing those consequences now.

To ensure new title matches keep coming, it seems the company decided to allow challengers from other brands. However, this week’s episode of Raw also showed that challengers should be invited by the champion.

So, the brand split is still in place. However, it certainly looks like the company will use superstars with nothing to do on one roster to supplement the other.

Drew McIntyre Versus Baron Corbin Gives Prime Example

Drew McIntyre will face Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin does not have much to do at the moment, which probably led to this match up next week on Raw. As Drew invites a new challenger, the lines between the brands blur once more.

As we mentioned earlier, the brand split remains in place, albeit with some blurred lines. While the company paints a picture of a brand split, they can carry over superstars at any given point.

A Brand Switch You May Have Missed

The IIconics return from SmackDown

Baron Corbin was the most obvious switch on Monday Night Raw, but there may be one you missed. After Becky’s baby news and Rollins’ mental breakdown, we do not blame you!

The IIconics broke up A Moment Of Bliss on Monday Night Raw. Now, you might not remember, but The IIconics were actually on SmackDown Live.

Unfortunately, The IIconics drifted into the background after they lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. However, the pair are now back and are gunning for the women’s tag team titles.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay did not only appear on Raw, they also beat Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Since they are the current Women’s Tag Team Champions, it stands to reason that The IIconics will be challenging for the titles next.

Filling Their Programming

How is the WWE going to fill their roster?

Becky’s pregnancy news and Roman Reigns not being on the current roster is having serious consequences for the company right now. Two of the top stars are missing, with Seth Rollins expected to take time off in the nearby future.

By using the wrestlers they have left, the company is attempting to fill the roster, but is it really that beneficial for each brand?

Releasing all those superstars some weeks ago has now proven to have been the wrong move.

There are insecure times to come for the WWE, but there are two beacons of hope in my opinion. 

The first beacon of hope is none other than Drew McIntyre, who is an amazing champion that is entertaining to watch.

The second beacon of hope is renewed women’s tag team competition, which we are sure The IIconics, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross can handle.

So, interesting times ahead in the company for sure!

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