A lot of questions have been asked about Donald Cerrone’s ability to perform in big fights in recent weeks, and some have questioned whether “Cowboy’s” days as a top contender are over. But, as Cerrone gets set to fight at UFC 249 today, he’s planning to silence all his doubters over the coming week.

Cerrone shrugs off critics

Since Cerrone has taken some losses in some of his biggest fights, for sometime, his ability to perform in big stage fights has been scrutinized. Even Cerrone has acknowledged that he can be a slow-starter.

But, after Cerrone was quickly taken out by Conor McGregor in January, a lot of folks criticized him for how the fight went. One of the most vocal and prominent critics was ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who argued Cerrone didn’t look prepared for the massive fight.

Well, tonight at UFC 249, Cerrone will face Anthony Pettis (the latter stopped Cerrone in their first bout back in 2013). While talking recently about the criticism he’s taken in recent weeks, Cerrone said this (quotes via MMA Fighting).

“It doesn’t define me.” Cerrone said. “I look myself in the mirror, I don’t give a sh*t what the people at home say.

I don’t pay attention. I don’t read nothing, I don’t watch nothing. I don’t get on social media and see what people have to say.

“I think I’m really good at staying the hell away from that. I got my ranch that I live. I’ve got so much life going on that I don’t any idea what the people that don’t have life going on have to say.”

Now, as noted above, Cerrone has taken some verbal pokes before for how he’s performed. For example, after winning eight straight fights, “Cowboy” was booked for a rematch with then lightweight champ, Rafael dos Anjos in 2015.

RDA proceeded to take Cerrone out in 66 seconds, and claims the latter choked made the rounds. Cerrone, however, went on to win four straight.

Cerrone plans to go “3-0” this week

One way Cerrone can muzzle folks who believe his contender days are done, is by putting together another winning streak. Well, not only does Cerrone plan on doing that, he wants to do it this week as the the UFC holds three cards.

“It f*cking sucks, because you’re only as good as your last fight,” Cerrone said. “Now I’m only as good as my last three and godd*amn. A win is something that I’m motivated, excited for.”

“What’s really cool I’m here for all three fights. Think what they’re going to say when “Cowboy” goes 3-0 in f*cking one week.

Then I’m going to be back on the greatest again. So it’s going to be all right. I’m going from a bum to a superstar.”

How about that? Now, the chance of Cerrone fighting on all three cards this coming week are slim to none.

But, you know if Cerrone was healthy and the UFC allowed him to, “Cowboy” would do it. That’s one of the reasons Cerrone’s a legend.


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