It sounds like Donald Cerrone still plans to fight more than a few times yet. But, recently “Cowboy” admitted he’s starting to slow down and that retirement could be not too far off.

Cerrone is starting to feel “old”

Over the years, Cerrone has become one of the biggest names in MMA, due to his aggressive fighting style and his willingness to fight anyone, anytime. Even when he’s coming off a loss.

Up next, Cerrone has agreed to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 249 on May 9th in Jacksonville, Florida. It will mark the first time “Cowboy” has fought since UFC 246 in January, when he was quickly taken out by Conor McGregor.

In advance of the fight, Cerrone spoke with ESPN. During the interview, Cerrone relayed that he’s fired up to fight again, as he wants to return to the win column. In fact, Cerrone is so keen to fight, he joked about fighting on the UFC’s May 13th and 16th cards as well.

“This is who I am, this fight right here,” Cerrone says. “Them calling me and me fighting in two weeks, that’s who I am. Short time, get to work, go fight. That’s me.

So, I feel good … I’m gonna go in there, win this fight and say, ‘Hey, Dana, you got anyone lined up for Wednesday?’ I’ll be the first fighter to bang out three fights in one week.”

But, right after stating that, Cerrone added this.

“It’s there. I’m getting old. I can feel it,” Cerrone says. “I can’t keep up with these young guys anymore. I want to say a couple more years, honestly.

I’m not talking about retirement now, but I used to be able to see [the end] way down there. Now I can see it. I’ve probably realistically got a couple years, and that’s pushing it.

So, I’m gonna fight my ass off, take as many as they’ll let me, and we’ll see.”

Not surprising?

You have to admire Cerrone’s honesty here. Not all fighters would be willing to admit they’re having trouble hanging with younger fighters in sparring etc.

But, at the end of the day, these comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cerrone turned 37 in March, and he’s fought over 50 times in MMA and nearly 30 times (29) in kickboxing. That’s a lot of fights.

The question is, will we see Cerrone fight for a couple more years? It certainly sounds like “Cowboy” still loves to compete.

But, you have to wonder if calls for the fan favorite to hang-up-the-gloves will start, if Cerrone incurs a couple more stoppage losses. The rugged vet has lost three straight and Cerrone has taken some big shots during that stretch.

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