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Sting – AEW Rumors Heat Up, Help Shad Gaspard’s Family

Sting – AEW Rumors Heat Up

Former champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Sting, remains an interesting name around the pro wrestling rumor board.

According to reports, Sting is working with All Elite Wrestling for a potential deal following the expiration of his contract with the WWE.

Dave Meltzer mentioned during Sunday Night’s Main Event [1] that he believes Sting is likely to head to AEW for future work because he doesn’t have a long-standing relationship with the WWE or Vince McMahon.

“But with Sting, I’ve got to think there is smoke to the fire, number one, because he’s tweeting about AEW, and Sting’s not going to do that because he’s not paying attention to anything unless he’s got an interest in it, and that they’re kind of acknowledging it, and also, when I ask about it, I get no answer,” Meltzer said. “If there was nothing to it, I’m sure they would say there’s nothing to it. So I think there’s something to it.

“If they already have a deal, they’re going to announce it on their terms because sometimes they’ll wait a couple of weeks. And if they don’t have a deal, it’s probably something they’re at least contemplating.”

AEW Double Or Nothing is planned for this Saturday night. Earlier rumors indicated that Sting [5] would be presenting the AEW TNT title to the winner, but Mike Tyson is now set to handle that [6].

The 61-year-old Sting officially retired in 2016 as a six-time WCW heavyweight champion who also held the NWA, WCW International, United States and tag team titles during his time inside the ring.

Help Shad Gaspard’s Family

Shad Gaspard

The pro wrestling world continues to mourn the loss of former WWE superstar Shad Gaspard [7].

Gaspard, who was one-half of Cryme Tyme, passed away recently after saving his son from drowning.

Collar and Elbow has launched a t-shirt in honor of Gaspard, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to his family.

The t-shirt states “Brooklyn’s Own Beast Shad Gaspard Heavyweight Hero” on the front. A picture was already sent out with former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson wearing one.

“100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go directly to Shad’s family,” a post stated. “If you can’t afford a shirt but still want to donate send donations via PayPal to [email protected] and put BEAST in the notes.”

Here is the direct link for the t-shirt: https://store.collarandelbowbrand.com/collections/mens/products/beast [8]

Also, plans for a GoFundMe are in the works for the family.

Gaspard previously served as a bodyguard for Tyson among others. He also single-handedly stopped an armed robbery attempt in Florida.

While swimming with his son at a Marina del Rey beach, the 36-year-old was caught in a strong rip current. After Aryeh was saved, Gaspard disappeared under the way and was found three days later.

Gaspard [11] was in a number of movies including Get Hard, Brothers and Think Like a Man Too. He also performed stunts in Birds of Prey.