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Jon Jones Claims UFC Isn’t Willing to Shell Out For Francis Ngannou Fight, Could be a “Year or Two” Until he Fights Again

Recently Jon Jones [1] and Francis Ngannou have been dominating headlines, on account of Twitter scuffles the two have had, about possibly fighting.

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Well, not only is “Bones” reporting that talks had begun with the UFC to make the fight reality, Jones claims that the promotion’s offer is far from ideal. So much so, Jones says he could be headed to the sidelines for a year or more.

Jones tells fans he’ll see them in a “year or two”

Recently the MMA world has been on fire about the possibility of Jones and Ngannou fighting, because the light-heavyweight champ said he’s down to fight the heavyweight contender. [2]Ngannou has also sounded more than interested in the fight, and the two have been trading verbal jabs online. [3]

Well, some folks have questioned whether Jones is in fact, serious about throwing hand with the feared slugger. But, according to recent tweets from Jones, talks for the fight have begun.

The problem is, however, that the sides seem to be a ways apart on compensation. Here’s some of what Jones tweeted out on Thursday.

“It’s been fun you guys, maybe I’ll see you all in a year or two.”

“Maybe when they’re ready to do better business I’ll come back, until then health fitness and family.”

I should’ve worded that differently, I actually think these guys do great business. Right now things just aren’t where I want them to be.”


So, does this mean that the Jones – Ngannou fight is a non-starter? Not necessarily. Jones could be using social media for leverage, and it’s certainly possible that the promotion will come with a better offer to make the fight happen.

And what about Jones taking time off? That could happen, if Jones does decide that he wants to put his career on hold over this. But, it sort of seems unlikely, due to the time he’s missed because of legal issues and USADA flags.

Case in point, Jones also tweeted out this, following his tweets about negotiations.

“Red panty night for the light heavyweight division”

It will be interesting to see what comes next right? Hopefully Jones – Ngannou ends up happening, and fairly soon.