Jimmy Fallon Under Fire After His Blackface Past Resurfaces

Cancel culture has Jimmy Fallon trending on Twitter for wearing blackface in a twenty-year-old "Saturday Night Live" skit.

Social justice warriors on Twitter are trying to cancel Jimmy Fallon. The late night host found himself in their cancel culture sights after a 2000 skit where he wore blackface on “Saturday Night Live” resurfaced yet again. Just last year both Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel’s blackface pasts resurfaced but the issue was quietly swept under the rug by the networks.

BACKSTORY: Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Silent as Their Blackface Pasts Come Back to Haunt Them

Now the hashtag #jimmyfallonisoverparty is trending over a skit in which Fallon appears with Darrell Hammond twenty years ago. Fallon was wearing blackface as he did an impression of SNL alum Chris Rock. It was rather uneventful at the time as it was an unremarkable skit.

While these leftwing activists will likely not get far with this campaign, it does highlight the rampant hypocrisy in the media on this issue yet again.

Jimmy Fallon’s Blackface Scandal

“The Tonight Show” host is immensely popular. Fallon does a good job of keeping his show relatively free of politics. Perhaps that is why they are targeting him.

NBC has an unbalanced history on dealing with employees on this subject. It appears they play favorites and will fire some people while looking the other way with others.

Twitter user @chefboyohdear started off the trending hashtag by sharing part of the skit in the tweet below and stating “NBC fired Megyn Kelly over mentioning blackface. Jimmy Fallon performed on NBC in blackface.”

It’s hard to imagine NBC tossing Jimmy Fallon out as host of “The Tonight Show.” He’s immensely popular and has broadened his reach while filming shows from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

They would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater if they caved to the demands of this radical cancel culture.

Lorne Michaels And Blackface On “SNL”

It likely wasn’t Fallon’s idea to wear blackface. SNL has writers and obviously producer Lorne Michaels has the final say.

Ultimately, these executives would be the ones responsible more so than Fallon. And it’s illogical to believe NBC is going to fire Fallon for a skit on NBC two decades prior. They won’t shame or cancel themselves.

But, the high profile host is a useful tool for the outrage patrol in search of a scalp. 

Applying today’s standards to yesterday can prove troublesome. What is acceptable changes over time.

As @chefboyohdear’s tweet points out, Meghan Kelly wasn’t even able to mention blackface without losing her job but it’s tolerated for a popular entertainer.

Joy Behar also has gotten a pass on wearing blackface. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also has been given a pass for wearing 

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This is another example of the left eating itself. These social justice warriors aren’t doing themselves any favors by targeting people sympathetic to their agenda.

If cancel culture was targeting a conservative late night host – like Jay Leno – his neck would have been on the chopping block long ago.

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