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Fans Worried About Buff Bagwell, Undertaker – Right-Wing Shirts

Buff Bagwell fans are really worried about the former WCW star, this after he released a rather strange video on social media. In other news, The Undertaker responds to a fan reacting to his “right-wing shirts”.

Fans Worried About Buff Bagwel

Bug Bagwell releases weird Cameo

Former WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell [1] released a strange video on social media, making fans worried. Nobody knows if the wrestler was under the influence of something or not, but the video was weird to say the least.

By looking at the footage, it is clear that Bagwell received a beating. His face looks blue and swollen, yet Buff seemed to be in good spirits. 

In addition to making statements about his “broken face”, Buff Bagwell made a rather scary comment towards his girlfriend in this now infamous choking video. 

“I’m about to tear my own house up right the f*ck now.  I am thinking about putting a chokehold on my girlfriend who is also the cameraman just to end this motherf*cker. I’m over it!”

Fans Are Really Concerned About Choking Video

Buff Bagwell has fans seriously worried.

Lots of fans took to social media to show their concern for the former WCW wrestler. Many commented on the drastic change in Bagwell’s physique as well as his mental state.

I wonder why his girlfriend took this footage. It doesn’t look like a cameo, but like a man struggling with some substance abuse.

Of course, this is speculation at one point, but it is clear that there is something wrong with Bagwell in this cameo. I hope he gets the support he needs.

Undertaker – Right-Wing Shirts

Undertaker under fire for right wing shirts

A fan took to social media this week after watching Mark Calaway on Undertaker: The Last Ride [8]The fan pointed out that Taker wore a lot of “right-wing” shirts during his interviews.

Now, imagine the responses from fans to this post. Many defended The Undertaker, stating he’s good friends with Mark Henry, The Godfather and Pat Patterson in a bid to counter the allegations. Other fans were upset that someone pulled politics on Undertaker: The Last Ride [11].

The Undertaker Responds

Undertaker: The Last Ride
Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

Mark Calaway a.k.a. The Undertaker [12] does not respond to fans often, but he made an exception this time. He defended his choice of apparel with the following message.

I have to be honest, I had to look back to Undertaker: The Last Ride [14] to even notice the shirts. Not taking my own personal political views into consideration, I think fans are being too hard on Mark.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and yes we might not like it. We know little about the man behind The Undertaker character, so it would be too easy to assume he is racist, right-wing, or whatever some of the claims were on social media. 

I have never seen or heard The Undertaker make racist or right-wing statements, but he did make some patriotic ones. So, until there is actual evidence, why attack someone when you have no proof?

At the end of the day, fans who are offended by the shirts, should just stop watching the documentary. I personally think that it is something that was blown way out of proportion.