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Even Henry Cejudo’s Manager Doesn’t Think “Triple C” Will Stay Retired

If you’ve been one of the many people who’s expressed doubt as to whether we’ve really seen Henry Cejudo [1] fight for the last time, well, you have something in common with his manager.

Henry Cejudo
Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Does Cejudo’s manager think he’s really retiring? No…no he doesn’t

Cejudo dropped jaws earlier this month at UFC 249 [2], as after he stopped Dominick Cruz, the bantamweight champ announced he was retiring. Cejudo relayed that he’s happy with what he’s accomplished to date, and that he’s looking forward to a new chapter in his life.

The news prompted extensive speculation and debate about whether Cejudo was serious, or whether he will in fact, hang up the gloves. Some questioned whether it was just a bargaining ploy, as a means to earn bigger paydays from the UFC moving forward.

After all, Cejudo had just stopped one of the greatest bantamweights of all time, and he’s won six straight fights. That run included him also winning and defending the flyweight title.

Others just simply wondered whether Cejudo, who is just 33 year’s old, will be able to walk away from the game at this juncture.

Well, more recently Cejudo’s manager,  Ali Abdelaziz, spoke with TMZ Sports [3]. Here’s his take on Cejudo’s retirement (quotes via MMA Junkie [4]).

“First of all, people understand my relationship with Dana White and the UFC. I don’t (talk) about money publicly,” Abdelaziz said. “I think Dana’s right: I think Henry’s been talking about retirement.

Do I think Henry’s gonna retire? Absolutely not. I don’t think Henry’s gonna retire.”

“Khabib right? Every time he fights, ‘I think I’m done.’ Two weeks later, ‘Who do you think I should fight next?’ Right?” Abdelaziz said.

“These guys, they’re at their prime. Henry’s gonna be coming now into his prime. How you gonna retire in your prime, and the (UFC 249) pay-per-view did so well, and you’ve gotta make some money?

Could things be changed a little bit? Yes, of course. But at the end of the day, this is between us.

It’s between me and Henry and the UFC. I don’t think the media should know about this stuff, because people’s egos get big.”

“Henry’s got everybody on their knees right now,” Abdelaziz said. “I don’t think he’s gonna retire.

You’re gonna see him fight by this summer. This is what I think.”


So, the fact that Cejudo’s manager also doesn’t think the former Olympic Gold medalist wrestler is going to stay retired, is pretty interesting. Abdelaziz knows Cejudo a lot better than media members, fans and other observers, and if he thinks “The Messenger” will get the itch to fight again, it should be noted.

But, you never know. If the UFC doesn’t go out of its way to tempt Cejudo back into the Octagon, maybe we have seen the last of “Triple C” throwing hands.

From a fight fan’s perspective, hopefully the answer is no.