Kim Karashian and The View blasted for tone deaf self isolation comments

Reality television star Kim Kardashian and the ABC talk show “The View” are both under fire today after they discussed self-isolating as members of the wealthy elite class.

How The Elite Cope With Isolation

Millions of people around the world are currently forced to self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic that has already killed thousands and infected hundreds of thousands more.

When asked how she’s coping by “The View” panel, Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian quipped that she is loving this break from her hectic schedule.

‘I actually love that time because we do travel so much in our regular world that this has been… I think the family bonding part of it all, going on walks outside, we’ve watched every single movie you could possibly imagine,” she said.

“I’ve been showing the kids all these 80s movies, like Harry and the Hendersons and stuff that they wouldn’t watch and it’s so much fun.”

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Kim Kardashian Whines About Having To Do Housework On “The View”

Kardashian went on to say that while she is enjoying the family time, she is struggling with having to do everything around the house herself.

“I love all the family bonding stuff. I mean I’ve been doing laundry and cooking and the kids just got on Spring break, thank god, being their teacher too,” she said. “My newfound respect for teachers, they deserve so much. It’s just been tough juggling it all and you really have to put yourself on the backburner and just focus on the kids.”

It seems that Kardashian has been rich and famous for so long that just performing the basic everyday tasks that millions of us carry out all the time is a struggle for her!

Instead of calling her out for her privileged, tone-deaf comments, the hosts of the ABC talk show appeared to agree with her, which comes as no surprise given that they are members of the wealthy Hollywood elite as well.

Fans Fire Back At Kim And ‘The View’

Unfortunately for everyone involved in this clip, viewers were not afraid to call the lot of them out for their nonsense.

Some targeted Kardashian, pointing out that it’s hard to feel sympathy for someone self-isolating in a massive Hollywood mansion. 

“Talk about being so wholly out of touch with the current tone and reality that you interview a multi hundred millionaire about how to manage a crisis with their unlimited resources. Shameful!” one social media user commented. 

Others directed their fury at “The View” panel, saying that they never should have even asked Kardashian how she’s “coping” with this situation.

“F**K YOU and her. We all saw the video she did of her 4 walk in fridges and her massive pantries and her piles and piles of organic food,” another user wrote.

“I’m sure she’s FINE in her beautiful, massive, fully stocked luxury home. Talk to people who are struggling, not a damned princess.”

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“Here’s an idea, how about calling ordinary Americans and interviewing them and how they are coping with social distancing and staying at home, worrying about how they are going to pay the bills. This is so out of touch w reality it’s disgusting,” someone else commented, with a third writing, “READ THE ROOM, LADIES. No one wants to hear from the disgustingly wealthy.”

Millions of Americans are struggling just to survive right now, so the last thing we want to hear about is how spoiled, overpaid celebrities are “coping” with life in isolation in their mansions.

The rich and famous of the entertainment world should start closing their mouths about their own situations, and start opening up their pocketbooks to help others instead. 

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