Report: Conor McGregor Takes Shot at Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Style, in Comment About The Greats

Conor McGregor has been a little more reserved, since he returned to the Octagon earlier this year. But, the former champ continues to take verbal shots at his rival, UFC lightweight champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In recent months we’ve seen a more soft-spoken version of Conor McGregor, except for, of course, when he’s talking about Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Recently McGregor accused Nurmagomedov of “chickening out” of UFC 249 and a scheduled fight with Tony Ferguson, and now he’s reportedly trashed the champ over his wrestling centric approach.

McGregor takes poke at Khabib’s style while discussing the greats

If you’ve followed MMA for a little while now, you know that McGregor has a bitter feud with Nurmagomedov. So much so, the leadup to their 2018 bout, which McGregor lost, one of the most intense and ugly in the game’s history.

Well, according to a recent report from MMA Junkie, McGregor’s latest poke at the champ was a dig at the Nurmagomedov’s wrestling style. According to the report, McGregor posted the tweet below, before deleting it.

Conors left hand. Anderson’s front kick. Rondas armbar. Hendo’s bomb. Crocops high kick. Jon’s side kick to the knees over and over again and actually the only thing at this stage?

Khabibs little mermaid leg wrap thing he does. What a sport! Who’s the greatest, you already know.

What will the reaction be to McGregor’s reported comment?

So, it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction McGregor’s latest poke generates. There’s no question that Nurmagomedov’s wrestling-centric approach, isn’t everyone’s favorite. Especially with casual fans.

But, it does seem like in recent years Khabib’s profile has risen considerably, and he’s also receiving much more acclaim and respect. After all, we are talking about someone who has never lost, and who has beaten many great fighters. 

Not only that, but few people, if any, have had substantive answers for Khabib’s takedowns and top games. It’s also worth noting that Nurmagomedov has submitted three of his last five opponents, including McGregor.

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