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Reaction To AEW’s Treatment Of Staff, NXT Wrestler Seriously Hurt

Reaction To AEW’s Treatment Of Staff

Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

As the pro wrestling world was turned upside-down by the wave of WWE cuts [1], those with AEW watched and felt a deeper appreciation for the support they are receiving. 

Fightful Select [2]reports All Elite Wrestling [3] commended leader Tony Khan. Also, his ability to go “above and beyond” during this pandemic has been well received.

The promotion has been forced to alter plans as a way around COVID-19. Above all, they seem to be taking care of their workers.

“Without providing specifics, he’s went above to make sure that everyone is taken care of and doing well, including some per-show employees,” the report states.

Vince McMahon and the WWE [4] cut several superstars including Kurt Angle last week as a way to trim the roster and save money. Like AEW, they too have been hit hard by COVID-19, losing the WrestleMania 36 gate and live events.

There have been no such cuts made by AEW during this time. They have been filming weeks worth of content at once to air on TNT.

Khan Working Hard To Keep AEW Moving Forward

Khan, a co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is the founder, president and CEO of AEW. The 37-year-old opened the promotion for business in January 2019.

Cody Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega and Brandi Rhodes are all among key people invested in AEW in executive roles.

AEW began airing Dynamite last October on TNT, broadcasting a two-hour show weekly that was live at the time.

NXT Wrestler Seriously Hurt


Dan Matha, who competed for the WWE in NXT as Dorian Mak [10] before being released, suffered serious injuries when he went flying through a windshield recently in a car crash. Therefore, we send out best wishes to Matha.

Matha, part of the cuts made by WWE officials last week, suffered the injuries when his car was totaled. For example, a hole left in the back of his skull.

“Boy do I have a crazy ass story to tell all of us,” he posted on Twitter along with many pictures of the accident. “From the (world) getting locked down, too getting ejected through my (car) window and then being released by the WWE.

“It’s been a wild, I mean WILD 21 days. Tune in to my IGlive and I’ll drop all the details ur little (heart) could desire.”

Matha signed with NXT in 2015 and formed a tag team with Riddick Moss as The Outliers recently.