PETA isn’t allowing the coronavirus pandemic to interfere with its protests. The animal rights organization isn’t taking a break from protesting despite much of the country being under stay-at-home orders. PETA unleashed their “COVID cow” on unsuspecting shoppers, and even set its sights on Sea World while it endures a difficult closure.


Grocery stores remain open and the radical activists are trying to guilt shoppers into not eating meat or animal byproducts.

While Americans are dying and being hospitalized due to COVID-19, PETA is refusing to let a good crisis go to waste.

It is targeting people in one of the few places they are allowed to go. And they’re behaving like bullies!

In addition to badgering people as they try to practice social distancing while grocery shopping, these animal rights extremists are handing out something in short supply – toilet paper.

But, of course there is a catch. They want to continue lecturing us even when we are using the toilet.

Each square handed out by their “COVID Cow” has a message about the need to become vegan. 

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Take a look at PETA’s message in this tweet:

Harassing Doesn’t Win Over Anyone

This week, PETA targeted a supermarket in Reno, Nevada.

Next week, their “COVID Cow” will be harassing shoppers at a supermarket in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

While Americans are told to only venture out for essential needs, these animal rights activists are out and about protesting.

They don’t appear to understand that harassing people during a crisis is not likely to sway people to their side. 

From TMZ

And PETA isn’t stopping at harassing shoppers attempting to stay 6 feet apart at grocery stores.

PETA’s Sea World Protest During Coronavirus Pandemic

These animal rights radicals are also taking this opportunity to highlight animals in captivity.

Sea World was a target of the group earlier this week. They want us to think the animals at Sea World are suffering as much as we are.

Sea World does tremendous work with helping injured animals but that doesn’t matter to these extremists. 

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Of course, Sea World is closed right now and thus taking on huge losses. Maybe PETA’s resources would be better spent helping to ensure these animals are well cared for during this crisis. 

Average citizens around the country are being held accountable via fines and worse. Is a PETA protest now considered essential? 
Getting close enough to hand out PETA tp seems like a clear violation of social distancing standards. Are the authorities going to crack down on PETA for this?

If we all should stay home and shelter in place, that means animal rights activists too! 

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