Michael Moore talks electric cars while promoting "Planet of the Humans" documentary

Hollywood film producer Michael Moore exposed his own ignorance in a stunning statement about his environmental activism. The left-wing agitator has been promoting electric cars without knowing how they actually get their power. The hypocrisy is almost too rich as this the truth came out on the eve of his new environmental documentary, “Planet of the Humans”.

Michael Moore Releases “Planet of the Humans”

These comments were made as Moore is promoting his latest movie “Planet of the Humans”. In the supposed environmental documentary, Moore asks if green energy projects are enough to save the earth.

Michael Moore fittingly released the film on YouTube for Earth Day. He also promotes the idea of having less children to save the planet.

While doing his press circuit for the documentary, Moore acknowledges his own stupidity on the topic. 

Here Moore sits on his high horse telling working Americans they need to buy these expensive cars to save the environment – all while he apparently thought they were powered on sunshine and unicorn farts.

In actuality, his beloved electric cars are powered by oil, coal, natural gas, and even nuclear energy.

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Electric car owners are simply trading one form of energy for another in an attempt to be eco-friendly. 

Michael Moore believed electric cars were a great idea, but now he admits “but I didn’t really think about where is the electricity coming from?”

The batteries used in the electric cars by these eco-hypocrites like Moore are highly toxic and require mining.

These cars are not saving the earth.

Essentially, he just forked over a bunch of money in attempt to soothe his conscience for being a glutton on resources but he’s not doing the earth any favors. 

Solar Panels And Fossil Fuels

In addition to electric cars, Michael Moore also promoted the installation of solar power. But, this Hollywood wannabe Einstein never considered how the solar panels were built, what their effects are on the environment, and their longevity.

“I assumed solar panels would last for ever. I didn’t know what went into the making of them,” Moore said about the materials, including quartz, and the fossil fuels needed to make the panels.

And China controls many of the rare earth mineral sources needed for Moore’s beloved solar panels. 


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Moore is embracing the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. This radical leftist is just happy that a reduction in travel might reduce carbon dioxide emission levels. 

All the while he ignores the fact that regular people are out of work and left to wonder how they will pay their bills under state-issued quarantine.

Despite admitting that he never considered what implications electric cars and solar panels and even windmills have on the environment, Moore fails to understand that he is just trading one source of energy for another by skipping the traditional way.

His ignorance could certainly be highlighted in a second installment of “An Inconvenient Truth.”

A trailer for “Planet of the Humans” can be seen below. 

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