Cris Cyborg

It remains to be seen if the UFC actually holds an event anytime soon. But, recently Cris “Cyborg” relayed she doesn’t agree with Dana White’s plan to move forward with UFC cards in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cris Cyborg

“Cyborg” says UFC needs to “respect everyone” and follow quarantine

As restrictions on pubic gatherings and travel went up, as a means to battle the spread of the coronavirus, White repeatedly said he’d find a way to host UFC cards.

Most recently the promotion’s efforts to hold UFC 249 on tribal lands in California was called off, after officials spoke out against the plan (and ESPN asked the UFC to postpone the April 18th event).

Well, more recently, White has reported that the UFC is working on holding a card May 9th. He’s also insisted that he’s “figured” out how to hold events in the midst of the pandemic.

Recently “Cyborg” did an interview on  The No-Sports Report with Jensen Karp. When asked about the UFC’s plan to move ahead with events, the Bellator champ said this (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“Everybody has to be quarantined,” Cyborg said. “It’s the rules for everyone. You know a lot of people don’t want to be home.

A lot of people are struggling now, and I think he personally should do something (other) than just think about himself and boxing and MMA fights. …

I think it’s better to wait, like everyone – respect everyone.”

“Even though the fighters have to be together for training, you could say, ‘OK, I’m going to make an event now.’ Do you think if you (did) say, ‘OK, Cris, you’re going to have a fight,’ I’m going to have to make my team?” Cyborg said.

“You know, I have to put my team together. We are going to be together, training. Then you put the risk of the family around you. You know, I think you had to wait and have respect for the process. Be patient.”

White’s reaction?

Now, you know if White is asked about “Cyborg’s” comments here there’s a very good chance his response will be of a fiery sort. After all, “Cyborg” and White have had their issues over the years and her departure from the UFC was further evidence of that.

But, “Cyborg” isn’t the only person who has argued the UFC should hold off on events for the time being, until the pandemic slows. In addition to concerns about spreading the virus, via travel etc., there are questions where fighters will receive medical treatment if necessary, and if that could further stretch the healthcare system.

White has insisted the UFC is going to take every precaution necessary to ensure everyone involved in the events stay healthy and safe. But, specific details on how the promotion plans to do that haven’t been released just yet.

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