Conor McGregor Accuses Khabib Nurmagomedov of “Chickening Out” of UFC 249

Now that it looks like Khabib Nurmagomedov almost certainly won't fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 249, Conor McGregor has taken yet another poke at the lightweight champ.

With Khabib Nurmagomedov stranded in Russia, and April 18th coming up fast, the champ’s bout with Tony Ferguson is almost certainly not going to happen. Well, according to Conor McGregor, Khabib has now won a game of “chicken” he’s been engaged in with “El Cucuy”.

Conor McGregor
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McGregor says Khabib is “chickening out” of UFC 249

Recently Nurmagomedov headed back to Dagestan, Russia from the U.S. But, not long after he arrived back home, Russia announced it has enacted a travel ban. This week, Nurmagomedov shared out a statement, in which he seemed to all but confirm he won’t be fighting Ferguson at UFC 249.

Since then, McGregor shared out these comments via Twitter.

The fact of this matter is, both Tony and Khabib where engaged in a game of chicken here towards the fight bell. With Khabib chickening out first. Making it 3-2 in pullouts in Tony’s favour. Khab scurried out of the U.S to home, and amid the crisis. Very high risk.
Congrats Tony.

I am in shape to fight right now!
At the beginning of all this, I said to myself – I’m happy I don’t have an official fight booked. If I did, I would have consumed all the incorrect data to support me taking part in the bout, and I would have followed through, competed. And won.

Will Khabib react?

Now it will be interesting to see if Khabib responds to McGregor’s latest verbal jab. Or, if Nurmagomedov’s supporters fire back at McGregor. Considering Nurmagomedov repeatedly called for a bout with Ferguson, and that his team thought UFC 249 was going to be moved to the United Arab Emirates, chances are the “chickening out” comment won’t sit well. 

Nurmagomedov and Ferguson have been booked to fight five times to date, and the previous four bookings have been canceled due to medical issues and injuries.

McGregor faced Nurmagomedov in 2018 and was submitted by the champion in round four.

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