Watch Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo & Kayla Harrison Debate Judo vs. Wrestling, Best Combat Sports Fighter Ever

Henry Cejudo isn't shy about discussing the remarklabe accomplishments he's tallied up during his competitive career. But, recently the UFC champ got into it with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Kayla Harrison, regarding whether he's the best combat sports athlete to date.

The fact Henry Cejudo is able to call himself “Triple C” is a testament to his storied, combat sports career. But, recently the UFC champ and Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler was challenged on whether wining a Judo Gold Medal is harder, and if Kayla Harrison could surpass him in achievements.

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Nurmagomedov and Harrison debate Cejudo

Recently “Anatomy of a Fighter” shared out the video below, which features Khabib Nurmagomedov arguing with Cejdo about which gold medal is harder to win: Judo vs. freestyle wrestling. The argument then spins into whether Cejudo, who has two UFC titles in addition to his gold medal, is the greatest combat sports fighter on the planet. Harrison, who has won two Olympic Gold Medals for Judo as well as PFL’s lightweight title, is also hand.

Khabib’s resume

Is Nurmagomedov in the conversation? Probably right? The vaunted grappler has gone 28-0 to date in MMA, he’s won the UFC 155 title and two, world championships for Combat Sambo.

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