UFC 249: Coach Confirms AKA’s Closed, Except if It’s Khabib Nurmagomedov

The renowned American Kickboxing Academy has been closed down, on account of the coronavirus, except for when it's Khabib time.

UFC 249 hasn’t been officially called off yet, and as a result, American Kickboxing Academy and its staff are doing their part to make sure Khabib Nurmagomedov can train for his bout with Tony Ferguson.

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Khabib time at AKA

The UFC has been forced to postpone its March 21st, 28th and April 11th cards due to all the various restrictions on public gatherings and traveling, on account of the coronavirus. But, Dana White has repeatedly claimed that the UFC is going to find away to proceed with UFC 249 and the highly anticipated bout between Khabib and Ferguson.

Accordingly, Khabib’s home gym, the renowned AKA in San Jose, has closed its doors to everyone except the UFC’s lightweight champ and his training partners.

UFC 249

The upcoming card was originally scheduled to take place on April 18th in Brooklyn, New York. But, due to the ban on public gatherings in the state, the UFC has been forced to look elsewhere for a venue.

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