Sentai Filmworks Changes Dialogue to Explicitly Reference Misogyny in Dub of To Love Ru Anime

Sentai Filmworks' new dub of To Love Ru features a change to the script which takes a subtle implication and turns it into an overt accusation of misogyny.

Sentai Filmworks changed a line of dialogue to blatantly state a statement’s misogynistic implications, rather than leaving them to be inferred from the original statement, in their newly produced dub of To Love Ru.

The dialogue change occurs in episode four after Lala Satalin Deviluke reveals that she is a poor cook  and Rito Yuki, in an attempt to escape his future responsibilities as the King of Deviluke, declares that he refuses marry someone who cannot cook. Rito’s absurd expectations elicit protests from both Mikan and Zastin:

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In the original Japanese script, Mikan states that Rito’s demands are “so old fashioned.”

Rito Yuki: I won’t marry someone who’s no good at cooking!

Mikan Yuki: What? That’s so old fashioned.

In Sentai Filmworks’ dub, Mikan instead accuses Rito of being “misogynistic.”

Rito Yuki: I won’t marry someone who’s no good at cooking!

Mikan Yuki: That’s misogynistic!

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The full extent of Sentai Filmworks’ changes to the script are as of yet unknown, but more changes may be discovered upon the series’ upcoming wide release on March 31st.

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