Kamaru Usman Piles on Jorge Masvidal For Thinking “He’s a Superstar”

The war of words between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman has spiked considerably in recent weeks, and now the latter's accusing "Gamebred" of letting his success get to his head.

Everyone who follows MMA knows that Jorge Masvidal had a remarkable 2019 campaign, and that his profile has grown substantially as a result. But, clearly Kamar Usman thinks Masvidal has a ways to go before he reaches superstar status. 

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Usman piles on Masvidal in new interview

In recent months, Usman and Masvidal have been trading verbal shots online and through the media, since the two appear to be on a collision course. Not that long ago really, the two didn’t have that big of a rivalry, at least not publicly speaking. But, as a fight between Masvidal and Conor McGregor started to appear less likely, and after Usman pretended to not know who “Gamebred” was, tensions between the two ratcheted up.

Fast forward to today, and the expectation is that Usman and Masvidal will fight sometime this summer, if the coronavirus pandemic has subsided and the UFC has resumed operations.

Usman recently spoke with TMZ Sports, and while discussing Masvidal, the welterweight champ had this to say (quotes via MMA

“Honestly, if I’m being honest, do I believe that he deserves the fight next? No, I don’t think that he deserves the fight. But at the same time, he’s got the hype right now.”

“He seriously thinks he’s a superstar. He’s talking about how I’m the most famous fighter, I’m more famous than Conor and this and that. You are drinking your own Kool-Aid right now. He forgets that literally less than a year ago or two years ago he was just ‘Journeyman George.’”

“Now you lost some weight, did a little Spanish reality show and came back and now he thinks he’s just Jacques Cousteau or something. My man, relax!”

Is Masvidal at the superstar level though?

It should be noted that Usman conceded that Masvidal’s “got the hype right now”, before taking a poke at the veteran for allegedly thinking he’s a superstar. But, has “Gamebred” reached that level? That’s a good question.

Whether you think he has, likely depends on whether you’re considering the term “superstar” in the MMA world, or broader, mainstream society. Right now, in the MMA world, Masvidal is unquestionably one of the biggest names in the UFC. He has over 400,000 followers on Twitter and his stock has never been higher.

When it comes to the mainstream world, however, Masvidal probably isn’t a household a name. When using the term “superstar” in that context, only a few fighters really, have reached that level. McGregor, for example, comes to mind as a fighter that’s reached the superstar echelon.

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