Jose Aldo Takes Poke at Henry Cejudo, Says he Can Beat Champ With “an Eye Closed”

If Jose Aldo does end up fighting Henry Cejudo at UFC 250, the legend says he's more worried about making weight for the bout, than fighting the decorated fighter.

If UFC 250 does proceed on May 9th, Jose Aldo’s training camp for his bout with Henry Cejudo could be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But, as the legend prepares to face the decorated wrestler and fighter, Aldo doesn’t sound too worried about what Cejudo can throw at him in the cage.

Jose Aldo
Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Aldo says he can beat Cejudo with one “eye closed”

The former featherweight champ has been booked to fight Cejudo at the upcoming event, which is currently scheduled to take place in Brasilia, Brazil. As it stands right now, however, it’s not clear whether the event will proceed due to the pandemic.

Recently Aldo spoke with MMA Fighting, and the Brazilian star discussed the fact that his camp is going to be impacted by the virus. While talking about how he plans to prepare for the bout, and with whom, Aldo said this.

“I’ll separate a group of athletes, no more than five fighters that have been in quarantine as well, and I know they don’t have it, so they can train with me,” Aldo said. “I’ve proven I don’t have it (by staying at home for two weeks). If they don’t have it either, we can train and have contact. I’ll train exclusively with that group.

“We’re all isolated. We’re in quarantine, so, when it’s over, we’ll take all the precaution needed and be able to train jiu-jitsu and spar. We’ll be able to do out normal training. The gym is closed, so we’ll open it just for us and train without risking getting contaminated or contaminating others.”

Hopefully all goes well for Aldo and his training partners, in terms of staying healthy. In addition, while discussing the fact his training camp isn’t going to take place under normal or ideal circumstances, Aldo said this.

“F***, I only need a week of training to beat Cejudo,” Aldo said. “I’m more worried about making weight than fighting him. I can be off camp, on vacation, but if you put me in the Octagon with him, I beat him with an eye closed. So, for me, it’s not about sparring, if I only have a month or a week to train, I beat him even if I’m not training. The only problem is the weight, so that’s why I’m eating well. I’m cool about the fight though, don’t worry about it.”


How about that? Now, it’s certainly true that some observers believe Aldo is a bad match-up for Cejudo. The argument being that Aldo has outstanding takedown defense, heavy and fast hands, and he’ll also have the size and reach advantage over the champ. But, to hear Aldo talking this confidently is pretty interesting no?

After all, Cejudo did take out Marlon Moraes last June, who Aldo lost to, albeit, via a controversial decision, in December.

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