Daniel Cormier Talks Timeline For Retirement, in Wake of Coronavirus Restrictions

The expectation has been that Daniel Cormier will fight Stipe Miocic one more time and then hang up the gloves. But, the legend's reporting he may retire without fighting again, if the coronavirus continues to delay events.

One of the big, all-star fights the UFC is targeting for 2020 is a rubber match between heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic and former champ, Daniel Cormier. The expectation has been that the fighters will battle for a third time this summer. But, recently “DC” relayed that the coronavirus, and the various restrictions that have been enacted to battle it, could mean he retires without fighting again.

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Cormier sets a timeline for retirement

If you’ve followed Cormier for a while, you know that for years, he said he was going to retire when he turned 40 last March. But, due to injuries that prevented him from fighting more often, the former champ-champ decided to push his retirement date. Following his loss to Miocic last August, Cormier announced that the only fight he’d return to the Octagon for would be a third bout with the champ. Cormier’s also repeatedly said he will retire, win or lose, after the rubber match.

Well, the talk has been that the UFC is hoping to book Miocic – Cormier III for this summer.  Many observers believe it will be part of the UFC’s card during International Fight Week in early July. But, due to the coronavirus, and the restrictions on holding public gatherings right now, no one really knows when the UFC will be able to resume operations.

Recently Cormier spoke with Bloody Elbow, and he had this to say about a timeline for the bout. 

“I don’t think it’s shifted too much,” Cormier said. “I think that we were looking at the summer, late summer, anyways. I think by late summer we should be getting back rolling as a country, as an organization. It affects the ability to go into the gym right now as I would be, but I don’t know the effects of that with some of these other things.”

But, when asked what if the bout can’t take place until later, due to the pandemic, “DC” said this.

“Yeah. This thing starts going to late fall, getting into the winter, there’s no way. I’d be done. Yeah, I think it needs to happen by the summer,” he said.

Not surprising

So, this is interesting to hear, and it’s also not surprising, considering Cormier’s initial timeline for retirement. The decorated fighter will turn 42 next March. 

But, you also have to wonder if Cormier could change his mind. For example, if he knew for certain that the bout, was, say, taking place in November? At the UFC’s annual card in New York City, maybe he’d agree to postpone retirement again? 

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that and we the pandemic end, normal life resume, and Miocic – Cormier III this summer.

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