The Coronavirus Memes That Are Blowing Up the Internet

As the media keeps reminding us of the growing coronavirus epidemic, memes are flooding the internet to prove that laughter is the best medicine.

The media has done a superb job of whipping up a panic regarding the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19. To combat what is being packaged as an alarming situation, Americans are responding in the best way possible – with humor. Coronavirus memes are quite literally going ‘viral’.

People are flocking to stores and emptying shelves of toilet paper and water even though taps are not being shut off and coronavirus does not cause digestive issues. It is a cough not Montezuma’s Revenge. The flu has been much more destructive than coronavirus as President Trump’s tweet below points out.

At the time of writing, Washington State has faced the most infections and deaths from coronavirus thus far. Nineteen people in Washington state have died and there are 136 confirmed cases. A nursing home in Seattle with an infected staff member, the Life Care Center, sustained the majority of those deaths. As with the flu, those with a compromised immune systems, like the elderly, have the hardest time fighting coronavirus.

Residents of the the Life Care Center remain quarantined. Cut off from loved ones – as with the heartbreaking photo story of Gene and Dorothy Campbell.

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Coronavirus vs. Hillary Clinton Memes

While coronavirus is a serious illness, the answer is not widespread panic and chaos. Despite the fear-inducing headlines being churned out by media.

Contrary to the fear monster being fueled by the mainstream media, most of us with a healthy immune system should be able to easily fight off this infection.

As the meme below points out, more people linked to Hillary and Bill Clinton have had suspicious deaths.

After all, people still believe the Clintons had something to do with Jeffrey Epstein’s 2019 suicide.

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Clinton Coronavirus meme

While the death toll remains low in the U.S. – at 22 as of today – internet comedians have been hard at work pointing out the imbalance of media hysteria v. real world impact.

Coronavirus meme

Now that the coronavirus contagion is spreading within the U.S., numbers will grow exponentially in the coming days and weeks. And so it is prudent to take necessary precautions.

Hand Sanitizer In Demand

Reasonable Americans recognize that laughter is often the best medicine.

The stores are all out of hand sanitizer as hypochondriacs bought up the supplies in preparation for doomsday.

Coronavirus memeCoronavirus meme

Regular soap works just fine so if you’re out of hand sanitizer, there’s no need to panic. Just wash your hands like a regular person. Then sit back and have a laugh at the witty memes below coming out of the mass hysteria.

Coronavirus Memes Go Viral

Okay, bad joke. But these coronavirus memes are literally blowing up my social media feeds.

Coronavirus memeCoronavirus meme
Coronavirus meme

We have been told so many times to wash our hands that many of us are wondering at what point people forgot doing this? Don’t most households keep hand soap around?

Many of us learned this by the age of three. After this crisis has past, are these new hand washing converts going to continue with keeping their fingers clean?

Coronavirus meme Coronavirus meme


Coronavirus meme  Coronavirus meme
Coronavirus meme Coronavirus meme
Coronavirus meme Coronavirus meme

Even Jesus got a cameo in the coronavirus memes circulating the internet. This Photoshop artist must want to remind us that Jesus is always looking out for us. Why not? After all, Jesus did have a sense of humor!

Coronavirus meme

At least one person is getting creative with turning coronavirus into a means of getting out of speeding tickets. This fellow obviously has the police officer’s best interests at heart.

Coronavirus meme

At the end of the day, I think the CDC really stole the show with their creative use of a meme. After all, this single meme really sums up my feelings on current events. Let’s all stay calm. Wash our hands. And together we can be part of the solution.

If you’re interested in more information about the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 or how to protect yourself or your loved ones, the CDC remains Americans’ best and most accurate resource. Here is a quick link to the Center for Disease Control’s FAQs Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

I hope that you enjoyed these coronavirus memes as much as I did.

Stay safe and keep laughing, My Friends!

Coronavirus meme
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