Chick-fil-A is known for serving great food and performing a lot of good deeds for the communities they represent. A Washington state franchise is showing the world that this chicken chain won’t let the global crisis interrupt its good work. Their Cascade Park store, in one of the hardest hit areas of Washington, stepped up to feed the hardworking and courageous medical staff working day and night to care for the sick. 

Chick-fil-A Dining Rooms Closed During Pandemic

Restaurants are closing around the country due to the current pandemic. While some states are forcing them to shutter their doors to dine-in customers, other restaurant chains have proactively switched to only carryout or delivery in order to protect the public.

Chick-fil-A is one of those restaurants that proactively closed their dining rooms and switched to carryout or delivery only during the health crisis.

But, this Christian company continues to serve the community in heartwarming ways. 

Washington State Hit Hard By Virus

Nurses, doctors, and staff are all overworked in many Washington state hospitals. So a little kindness and gratitude goes a long way in these trying times.

That’s why hospital workers were incredibly touched when the Cascade Park Chick-fil-A took 1000 meals to the staff at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Just a glimpse of comfort and refueling while they work on the front lines battling this pandemic. 

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“Today, we were truly honored to partner with PeaceHealth Southwest to serve their fantastic team,” this Chick-fil-A Cascade franchise wrote on its Facebook page on March 14.

A free and unexpected meal can be a very welcome gesture. These healthcare workers are putting their own lives on hold to work long hours and care for very ill patients. It’s nice to be appreciated, and that’s exactly what this Chick-fil-A did!

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This is a restaurant chain that always finds ways to serve the community. When their dining rooms are open, they are very welcoming to all groups of people. Devout Christians often feel very much at home in Chick-fil-A. They are able to comfortably live their faith while dining at this beloved fast food restaurant. 

A Christian’s men’s worship group broke out into a well known song while dining at a San Antonio Chick-fil-A.

It is such a welcoming place that many of the staff members joined them by singing “Lean On Me.” The fun video has been watched over 12 million times!

I’ve included the video below as a bright spot in your day. We all need to lean on each other right now. Enjoy!

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