UFC Columbus: Jairzinho Rozenstruik Isn’t Losing Sleep Over Francis Ngannou’s Power

Jairzinho Rozenstruik is about to face one of the most devastating punchers MMA has seen to date. But, the rising heavyweight's explained why he's not overly concerned about Francis Ngannou's power.

Next month, Jairzinho Rozenstruik will throw hands with a fighter who has needed less than three minutes – total – to take out his last three opponents. That man, of course, is Francis Ngannou. But, recently the rising heavyweight contender outlined why he’s not losing sleep over their upcoming fight.

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Rozenstruik weighs-in on Ngannou’s fearsome power

Since Ngannou arrived in the UFC, “The Predator” has dropped jaws throughout MMA  by bombing out the likes of Andrei Arlovski, Curtis Blaydes, Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. Not only has Ngannou buzzed the sport by finishing top tier fighters like the names mentioned, but because of how quickly he’s done so. Case in point, Ngannou put away the former champ Velasquez in under a minute. The 33-year-old needed less than two minutes to finish dos Santos and Overeem.

Well, due to Rozenstruik’s impressive run in the UFC to date, which includes quick, stoppage wins over Arlovski and Allen Crowder, he’s been booked to fight Ngannou on March 28th. Recently the 31-year-old spoke with MMA Junkie, and when Rozenstruik was asked to comment on Ngannou’s power, he said this:

“I fought a lot of strong guys before – big, scary guys – and I used to knock them out. This won’t be any different,” Rozenstruik said. “The only thing I know is that we’re working and we’re going to get the job done. That’s what we’re going in for.

“I don’t think he’s the best striker I’m going to face, but he is the biggest challenge. We believe we’re going to put him away. It’s a fight. It’s going to go back and forth – who lands first, who can take a shot, who cannot. We’re going to see March 28.”

Is Rozenstruik just saying this? As a means to get in the head of Ngannou? It’s possible. But, we are talking about a fighter who went 76-8-1 in pro-kickboxing bouts, in addition to his MMA experience. So, Rozenstruik has faced a lot of opponents in his day, and as a result, he’s probably feeling pretty good about his chances against Ngannou.

A title shot for Rozenstruik?

During the interview, Rozenstruik was also asked if he thinks a win over Ngannou will deliver a title shot. The Surinamese said this:

“Basically, what I’ve heard people say is that I’m supposed to get the title shot, and I think (Ngannou is) also risking his spot for that. So I’m going to beat him, take his spot, and I’m going to go for the title.”

Since Ngannou is currently ranked #2, if Rozenstruik scores a win, a title shot could very well be secured. The aforementioned Blaydes, however, is also in the mix, on account of his three fight winning streak and his recent win over dos Santos. Ultimately it could depend on whether Rozenstruik can take out Ngannou.

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