UFC 249: Joe Rogan Warns Dana White to Not Make Any “Plans” on Account of “El Cucuy”

Now that Conor McGregor's back in the win column, Dana White' fielding lots of questions about the star fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov again. But, Joe Rogan's reminded White of how "terrifying" Tony Ferguson is.

For months there’s been talk about if and when Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor are going to fight again. Now that McGregor has got back on track and quickly took out Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, buzz regarding the match-up has spiked. But, recently Joe Rogan warned UFC President Dana White that he shouldn’t forget about Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson, before making any plans for Khabib – Conor II.

Tony Ferguson
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Rogan’s warning for White

Since McGregor ran through Cerrone last month, White has been fielding questions about a rematch between Conor and McGregor. White has said the plan is to have McGregor fight for the lightweight title next, which will be up for grabs again, after Nurmagomedov fights Ferguson on April 18th.

White hasn’t dismissed Ferguson while talking about the plan to have McGregor fight for the belt. But, often the questions have been about a rematch with Khabib, instead of the possibility of a bout with Ferguson. Well, during a recent episode of Rogan’s podcast, the veteran commentator and martial artist said this (quotes via BJ

“I think Khabib vs Tony is the toughest fight of Khabib’s career. I really believe that. I think Tony Ferguson is a nightmare for anybody, especially right now. When you watch his fight with Anthony Pettis, when you watch how he busted up Donald Cerrone. I think Tony Ferguson is the scariest guy for anybody at 155 pounds to fight. He doesn’t get tired and he f***ing has bricks for hands. I had Josh Thomson in here the other day and he was saying that when Tony Ferguson grabs him, you can’t believe how big his hands are.”

“He’s a spooky dude. There’s something about him, like, he ain’t normal. He’s not a normal guy. He’s eccentric but in the good way, especially when it comes to being a fighter,” Rogan continued. “The two of them together [Khabib & Tony] — it’s an epic fight. But I would not be making any plans if I was Dana or if I was anybody else. I would not be making any plans, because Khabib can win that fight, but it’s not guaranteed. Ferguson can win that fight, too.”

Rogan’s right

Now, yes, in Khabib we’re talking about one of the greatest fighters of all time, who has dominated many of the opponents he’s faced (and many have included McGregor in that group). But, Ferguson is also one of this generation’s greatest lightweights, and many have argued he is the most well-rounded fighter Khabib has faced to date. He has unorthodox striking, cardio for days and a nasty submission game. So, ya. It would be foolish to look past “El Cucuy”.

The April 18th, UFC 249 will be hosted by Brooklyn, New York.

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