Thiago Santos is Not Too Happy With UFC’s Latest Fight Offer

Thiago Santos is planning his return to the Octagon, but the man who narrowly lost to Jon Jones last summer, isn't thrilled with the UFC's opponent selection.

After trashing both of his knees in his memorable bout with Jon Jones last July, Thiago Santos is targeting this summer for his return. But, based off comments the punishing striker recently made, it sounds like finalizing his next bout could be an issue.

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Santos was “very upset” with UFC’s latest offer

The Brazilian fighter shocked many in the MMA world at UFC 239, by pushing the 205 king Jones for five rounds. Everyone knows that Santos is ridiculously dangerous, but the consensus was that Jones and his comprehensive game would rule the day.

Well, despite the fact Santos injured both of his knees early on into the fight, one of the three judges scored the bout for him. On account of that performance, and what “Marreta” has done in the light-heavyweight division, he’s still holding down the #2 ranking spot.

After recovering from knee surgery, Santos is hoping to fight again this summer, possibly July. But, while talking to MMA Fighting recently about his return, Santos reported this:

“They want to give me fights I don’t want,” Santos said. “I never turn fights down, no matter who they are. But I’ve earned something, and I won’t accept anything less. I won’t take a step back. They want to give me something that represents a step back, and I won’t take a step back.”

“I can’t say his name because it could get me in trouble, but they offered someone who’s not in the top-10,” he said. “I don’t think it’s fair to fight someone outside the top five or six, or someone who’s on a rise. I was very upset when they offered someone who’s coming off a loss, you know? I refuse to take a step back. It’s not fair. If that’s how it goes, we’re gonna have problems getting our next fight.”

Now, it could be that due to scheduling conflicts, injuries etc. that the UFC was just trying to fight Santos a fight. So, they offered him someone who’s not ranked in the top 10.

But, you can understand why Santos isn’t willing to take that risk. His stock is at an all-time high right now and if he can take out another, top-five ranked contender, you know calls for a rematch with Jones will make the rounds. Especially if it’s an emphatic finish.

“Marreta’s” take on Jan Blachowicz’s win

Santos was also asked to comment on Blachowicz’s big, KO win this past weekend over Corey Anderson and how he would do against Jones. Santos faced the Polish contender in February, 2019 and stopped him in round three.

Santos said this:

“It’s tough. He’s someone who can surprise with a punch and win, just like he did against Corey Anderson. But it’s a complicated matchup.

“You have to move a lot to beat Jones, and that’s not the case with Blachowicz. You can’t stand in front of him. Reyes did that very well. It’s hard for Jan, but I don’t doubt him landing a punch and changing the story.”

Do you agree with Santos here? Do you see Blachowicz being able to end the reign of Jones?

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