Rooster Teeth Faces Major Backlash from RWBY Fans for Announcing New Qrow and Clover Merch

Fans have aken issue with Rooster Teeth over the alleged queerbaiting of a relationship between Qrow and Clover after the studio announces new Qrow merch.

The same contingent of RWBY fans who were outraged that Rooster Teeth ‘queerbaited’ audiences with a relationship between Qrow Branwen and Clover Ebi have yet again taken issue with the studio, this time due to the announcement of new merchandise featuring the two characters.

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This simple advertisement for the RWBY merch store quickly resulted in a mass of responses from outraged fans who believed that this merchandise was tone deaf in the wake of Clover’s death and that studio was continuing to ‘queerbait’ their fans:

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Some fans were particularly outraged at the selling of a Qrow-themed pint glass due to the character’s status as a recovering alcoholic, despite the fact that the ‘pint’ in the term ‘pint glass’ refers to a literal ‘pint’ of liquid and not specifically a ‘pint of beer.’

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The backlash was covered by anime YouTuber Hero Hei:

As of writing, Rooster Teeth has not responded to the fan complaints.

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