Possible 2020 WWE Superstar Releases In The Cards

The WWE could be planning more releases this year, and some even want to leave. So, which wrestlers have made our overview for 2020?

Some WWE wrestlers are in danger of being fired, while others are looking to be released as soon as their contract runs out. With only a fraction of the roster used today, we wonder who will get the chop this year? So, who is likely to leave the company in the year to come?

Ethan Carter III (EC3) – Underused And Underappreciated

2020 WWE Superstar Releases

Despite being a major success in Impact Wrestling, EC3 has hit a serious snag in the WWE again. While he did really well in NXT, the main roster has not bothered using him at all.

EC3 is a likely choice in our overview of 2020 WWE superstar releases. Rumors are floating that EC3 is looking for his release from the company. It came after a recent interview with Talk Is Jericho. Now, fans believe he will head to All Elite as soon as his contract runs out. Considering we have not seen EC3 since September in any shape or form, it could be a possibility.

Matt Hardy – The Most Likely In Our Overview Of 2020 WWE Superstar Releases

Matt Hardy

At the time of this article, Matt Hardy’s departure from the WWE is all but a certainty. Over the past couple of months, Matt Hardy has hardly been used by the company and he has not signed a new contract. He’s also said goodbye to the WWE universe on social media. These are all strong hints that he is on the verge of leaving.

Despite coming back to the WWE with his popular “broken” gimmick, the company did not use him to his full potential. Instead, they were more than happy to let the gimmick die, even though it had been hugely successful. Now, it is the hope of fans that Matt Hardy will hit the indies with the gimmick again.

Apollo Crews – Gimmick Failure

2020 WWE superstar releases

If the WWE were to choose someone to release this year, Apollo Crews may be high on this list. Unfortunately, I don’t agree with it. Crews is a prime example of an outstanding wrestler, but he never got a gimmick that worked for him.

I like to compare Crews to Ricochet. He has a similar wrestling ability, but when it comes to promo work or the creation of a gimmick, he seems to struggle. Still, should a wrestler really be fired for not having a good gimmick? I guess we will find out this year.

Rusev – Contract Dispute Adding Him To The 2020 WWE Superstar Releases List?

Rusev In Contract Dispute

Rusev has been in a contract dispute with the WWE and has not signed a new contract with the company. Evidently, this is causing many people to speculate that he could depart from the company completely. That being said, there are some signs that point to the contrary.

First, Rusev is arguably one of the larger superstars in the company. I do not see the company releasing him without a fight, so I have faith that the contract dispute will be worked out. Second, Rusev’s wife Lana has signed a new contract for several years with the company. This also reduces the chance that Rusev will actually depart.

Alicia Fox – Mental Health Struggle

WWE Alicia Fox

Despite the many problems Alicia Fox has caused the WWE, and even indirectly caused the firing of Arn Anderson, she is still employed by the company.

It is believed that Alicia is struggling with alcohol abuse. While the WWE has offered her help, it is claimed she has refused to take it. The company also moved her to the alumni section, indicating she is no longer an active wrestler.

Releasing Alicia Fox would send a strong statement in the locker room. After all, Alicia Fox is one of the female wrestlers who has been with the company the longest. She originally signed with them in 2006 and has remained with the company ever since. However, Alicia Fox’ alcohol-related problems are putting her future with the company in serious jeopardy.

The Revival – Definite 2020 WWE Superstar Releases?

Revival Gets Final Offer

After receiving a final offer from the WWE several weeks ago, the wrestlers still haven’t signed a contract. The company has done everything they can to keep the wrestlers on the roster, including a rumored contract of $1 million each.

On social media, The Revival stated that it was not about the money, but about creative freedom. If the company is not willing to give them that, we are pretty sure we will see The Revival leave the company sooner rather than later. At this point in time, they are just waiting out their contract.

Cedric Alexander – No Storylines For Cedric

Cedric Alexander

Even though I am not entirely certain that it may happen this year, it could happen if nothing changes in the nearby future.

Despite being hugely talented, and despite his reign as the Cruiserweight Champion,  the WWE have absolutely nothing for Cedric Alexander. It is quite visible in WWE programming as well, as he mainly wrestles on Main Event. 

Cedric is in danger of falling through the cracks in the WWE, and it would be a really big shame. Let’s hope the company takes note before it is too late.

Shorty G – Lack Of Opportunity

Shorty G

As you may have noticed in our overview, there are many wrestlers on this list who are really talented. The same can be said to Shorty G, formerly known as Chad Gable. Unfortunately, he is a prime example of how even the most talented wrestlers get forgotten.

While we do not wish for anyone to get fired, Shorty G is one of those people you know can do better. A release from the WWE could mean some major opportunities in New Japan or even All Elite Wrestling. The WWE is clearly not giving him any chances, despite the fact that he was compared with none other than Kurt Angle.

Like EC3, Shorty G was incredibly popular in NXT. In fact, he became one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions alongside his partner Jason Jordan. It is truly sad to see how these amazing acts are lost as soon as they hit the main roster.

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