MMA On Instagram: Matt Hughes Watches Son, Fighters Enjoy Breaks

The world of Instagram allows people an inside look into the lives of their favorite fighters and MMA personalities, so let's take a look.

One of the best ways to keep up-to-date on what your favorite fighter is doing is through Instagram.

The social media site has given fighters and MMA personalities a chance to interact with fans, as well.

Here are some of the latest posts from those we know and love to enjoy:

“Today, we spontaneously caught a beautiful sunset on the beach… while legitimately wrestling in the sand,” Lee wrote. “Like no joke, actual double legs and hip throws. Pretty romantic, I’d say. MMA couple kine tingz.

“Anyway, Bruno won like 4-0 (I totally let him) So here’s his Victory pose. Mwahaha.”

“Here we go again!! My husband is going to war tonight on (UFC Fight Pass) for (Submission Underground),” Paige VanZant wrote. “A little competition to hold us over before the big show in May.”

“@fusioncbdproducts Instant Freeze keeps #RawAmericanSteel feeling cool anywhere under the sun! #FusionCBD #CBD #cbdUSA”

“Getting 15 ft deep, making 50 meter waves,” Cat Zingano wrote. “If I told you my swimming goals, you’d think I’m crazy. What are some crazy goals you’ve set? How about accomplished?”

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#statetournament #iowawrestling @apemanstrong

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Matt Hughes, a former UFC champion, watched his son, Brandon Mills, compete at the Iowa State High School Wrestling Tournament this past weekend. For more coverage on Mills, check out The Fort Dodge Messenger.

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“People tend to not move Out of their pain Because at least they know What they are getting. Our attachment to pain Is fascinating to me. What I have found Through my own process Is that my pain Was & still is The biggest catalyst For change in my life.

If I were to deny myself Of it’s momentum Out of fear Of what moving thru it Might bring. I would only be settling For what’s known & comfortable. I would only be settling For a life That is less Than I am capable of creating.”

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