Michel Pereira Calls Diego Sanchez a “Chicken”, Following DQ Loss to Veteran

Diego Sanchez has long been regarded as one of the game's most fearless and rugged fighters. But, following his DQ win over Michel Pereira last Saturday, the latter's calling him a "chicken".

Diego Sanchez is on many fan’s must-see lists due to his incredible aggressiveness and toughness, and sure, because he’s also a wee bit eccentric. But, Michel Pereira has taken a verbal shot at the legend following their bout this past weekend at UFC Rio Rancho.

Pereira calls Sanchez a “chicken”

Sanchez faced Pereira in the co-headliner of Saturday’s event, and the rugged vet had trouble containing the explosive striking of the welterweight. After two rounds, it seemed pretty clear Pereira was going to get the victory, unless Sanchez scored a stoppage.

In round three, however, Pereira tagged Sanchez with a knee while he was still down. Sanchez could be overheard asking whether Pereira would be disqualified if he was unable to continue. Eventually, the New Mexico fighter said he couldn’t go on and the fight was called in favor of Sanchez.

Well, since then, Pereira shared out the image and statement below:

Diego Sanchez entered the octagon like a rooster and left like a chicken @diegonightmaresanchezufc diegonightmaresanchezufc @ufc_brasil @canalcombate @ufc @ufcfightpass

Does Pereira have a point?

Anyone who has followed MMA over the years knows that Sanchez is an absolute warrior. So, it’s hard to imagine that he was scared to continue.

What is far more likely, however, is that Sanchez knew he was in deep and wasn’t going to get the win. It’s also important to note there that he did get cracked with a hard knee. So, by not continuing, he was able to collect his win bonus and avoid taking any further punishment. Should he be blasted for that? No.

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