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Cosmopolitan is ditching its digital cover featuring Victoria Fuller from “The Bachelor” for a reason that doesn’t appear to be well thought out or even rational.

The left-wing magazine is nixing the reality television story because she previously appeared in a “White Lives Matter” advertising campaign. But in their rush to judge her without investigating, Cosmo has been left with egg on its face.

Cosmo editor Jessica Pels declared that the White Lives Matter movement doesn’t reflect the “feminist” magazine’s values. She also declared the company’s support for Black Lives Matter.


This magazine cover was part of this season of “The Bachelor,” but the magazine is claiming ignorance, as Pels writes:

So when it came time for me to choose the winner of the challenge—whose prize was a digital cover of Cosmo—all I knew about the contestants were their first names and the energy they conveyed through the camera lens.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found out that the woman I’d chosen had, in her past, modeled in an ad campaign wearing White Lives Matter attire.

Marlin Lives Matter

The White Lives Matter marketing campaign Fuller participated in didn’t have anything to do with race relations. It was about fish, particularly white and blue marlins. It was a part of the Marlin Lives Matter campaign to prevent white and blue marlins from being overfished.

Cosmo tossed Fuller because of her involvement in protecting fish because it might be inflammatory to Black Lives Matter activists.

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The photo shoot was already printed in the March episode of Cosmopolitan before they made the discovery about Fuller’s fishing past. So, Fuller will not be appearing on the digital magazine or any of Cosmo’s social feeds.

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In a world that is all about the gotcha headline, “woke” people are now in a rush to judgment to brand Victoria Fuller as a racist. The tweet below calling her “bigoted” is an example of this. She is now a victim of cancel culture because of her support of fish.

Cancel Culture

Political correctness has officially jumped the shark if wanting to protect marlins from being overfished is “bigoted.” But here we are. This is 2020 cancel culture and the radical leftists in the media want to cancel anyone who disagrees with them on something as silly as the color of fish. You’re immediately branded, censured, and silenced if you dare speak out in favor of anything that contradicts the leftwing narrative.

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