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Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin took a break from his usual favorite pastime of bashing President Donald Trump to lash out at the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates after their latest debate. In recent years, the “30 Rock” star has become widely known for his temper leading to colorful tirades.

Alec Baldwin Rants Against Democrats

After the ‘spirited’ Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Alec Baldwin decided to publicly vent on Twitter.

“Why is the bar so low regarding our hopes for the Presidency?” Baldwin began. “One won’t release his NDA’s re sexual harassment. 1 is a campaign finance cheater. 2. are compulsive liars about how they intend to pay for all of their promises. 1 is struggling, after 8 yrs as VP to articulate…his vision.”

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Balwin’s first point is a dig at Michael Bloomberg, who was called out at Wednesday’s debate for not letting former employees out of NDAs he had them sign.

The second point was meant as an attack on Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

And, of course, Baldwin’s third and final point is his critique of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Alec Baldwin’s Rant Escalates

Not stopping there, Baldwin continued, “We have a very simple job to do. To spend $ on those things we have too long neglected. Infrastructure. Debt Health care. Affordable housing.”

The Beetlejuice actor concluded his political rant with the hashtag “Make America Solvent Again.”

Alec Baldwin also criticized Democrats on the night of the debate, writing, “Some Dem candidates have campaign finance issues, sexual harassment issues, credibility issues, cognitive issues, budget balancing issues. You put all those together…you’ve got Trump.”

Why He Should Be Rooting For Trump

61-year-old Baldwin should arguably be rooting for Donald Trump in the election more than anybody, as it is his impression of the president on “Saturday Night Live” that is keeping the oldest, and best-known, of the four Baldwin brothers relevant.

That being said, Baldwin’s points about the crop of 2020 Democrats are all correct, and the leftist candidates are looking weaker than ever.

For once, we actually agree with Baldwin on something! Who would have thought?

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