UFC 246: Conor McGregor Discusses Plans For 2020 “Season”, Proclaims He’s “Back”

We hadn't heard much from Conor McGregor more recently, but with UFC 246 right around the corner, the former champ's proclaimed he's "back" in a new interview.

Conor McGregor’s much discussed Octagon return will take place in just over two weeks time, and the former champ insists UFC 246 is just the beginning to what’s going to be a massive year.

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McGregor’s latest interview

Since McGregor was on a promotional interview last fall, we haven’t heard much from the controversial star, aside from the odd social media post. Not surprisingly, McGregor’s own media company, The MacLife, was able to land an exclusive interview with him as he gets set to battle Donald Cerrone.

During his aforementioned tour, McGregor reported that he intends to stay busy in 2020, as part of his mission to reclaim UFC gold. Well, during his most recent interview for The MacLife, McGregor doubled down on that promise.

Here is some of what he had to say (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“For me, I’m back in my old frame of mind,” McGregor said “I just want consistency. I just want competition. It’s what I look to do – to be in that healthy state of mind, and my body, also. That’s it. So whoever, wherever … I have many shapes, many styles that I’m assessing from afar. But they’re all just blank faces.”

“…Fighting is always close in my mind now. And I know I’ve got many businesses and these types of things that are driving at the minute. But fighting is my bread and butter, and that’s what I’m focused on.”

“I put it in the UFC’s hands,” McGregor said. “I do not care. I am back. I am back to who I am. I look forward to showcasing that on Jan. 18. Whoever is after that, it does not matter. I’ll be ready. This is the beginning of my 2020 season.”

“I’ll cut weight to (lightweight), and then likely something will happen there,” McGregor said. “I’ll be likely to slide in there for that belt. I’ll just have a solid camp at 170 with no weight cut – a good fight … It’ll take me into the year. I’m looking into this as a season. This is the beginning of the season.”

There’s lots to look at here

You should check out the entire interview below, as there is lots to look at. At one point, McGregor also talked about contending for the welterweight title, which is interesting to hear. McGregor also said that while he’s interested in fighting Jorge Masvidal, he also argued that the latter’s issues with Nate Diaz is incomplete, since it was stopped due to a doctor stoppage.

So, we’ll see what happens right? First things first, and that’s getting past Donald Cerrone.

McGregor is set to face Cerrone in the headliner of UFC 246, which will go down on January 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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