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Stephen A. Smith Responds To Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor Replies

There are definitely those that are not in favor of ESPN [1] continuing to use Stephen A. Smith for UFC events.

Last week during UFC 246 [2], Smith came on after Conor McGregor’s victory over Donald Cerrone and did his thing.

Joe Rogan responded to Smith during his podcast, and Smith sent out a message via Twitter Saturday night.

It did not take McGregor long to answer that message by Smith.

‘The call you discuss here is A+. I didn’t show enough. I’m not paid by the hour though. Joe’s comments however, come from you saying the opposition fighter quit,” McGregor posted. “Broken nose/orbital bone say different. Fighting is vicious. Those who make the walk deserve full respect!”

The war of words continued from Smith, as he responded:

“Sir, mich respect to the great (McGregor) My recollection on what I said is ‘That’s the way it looked,'” Smith wrote. “Cowboy Cerrone is a perennial top-10 fighter. Much respect to him for the lengthy career he has had. Wishing him nothing but the best. But I don’t think it’s unfair to say that more than 40-seconds was expected from as tough of an SOB as he is. Nor do I think it’s wrong to assume that there’s no way that’s 40-second fight would take place w/ you vs Nurmegamedov or Masvidal. We expected more than what we got. Props to YOU for.”