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Marlon Moraes Has “Zero Respect” For Jose Aldo, Following Legend’s Post-Fight Comments

Jose Aldo [1] and Marlon Moraes went to war at UFC 245 last month, and immediately after the judges’ decision was announced, the two had a respectful exchange. But, fast forward to today, and Moraes is not happy – at all – with Aldo and his camp.

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Moraes blasts Aldo

The December 14th bout marked the bantamweight debut of Aldo, and the former featherweight champ pressured throughout much of the fight. Moraes took some heavy shots in the bout, but he also landed some of his own, and he walked away with the split decision win.

Well, after the fight, bantamweight champ Henry Cejudo told Dana White that he thought Aldo won and that he wants to fight the legend next. Since then, Cejudo and Aldo have been pushing for that match-up. In addition, Aldo also claimed that Moraes was “scared” in their fight [2], while making his case for why he thought he won.

The former WSOF champ recently spoke with MMA Fighting [3], and Moraes had this to say about Aldo and his comments.

“Right now, I have no respect for this guy,” Moraes said. “Zero respect, not for him, not for his team, for how they are acting. At the fight, Aldo took the microphone, he says I want to congratulate you, no big drama. But he goes home and he sees what Henry (Cejudo) says and he changes literally from 0 to 100. From blue to red. Like ‘I won the fight, Marlon was scared, I see his face.’

“I was not scared. I’ve got 30 fights. I’ve been fighting everyday. I’m not going to be scared. Of course, I’m fighting Aldo, I got a little nervous. Everybody gets a little nervous, but once you get in there, it’s just another body in there. … He acts like he accepted [the loss], he talked with me right there, and he goes home and he does an interview and talks all this sh*t. F*ck this guy.”

So, ya. Clearly Moraes isn’t a big fan of Aldo these days. It will be interesting to see whether Aldo does indeed, get tapped for a title shot coming off a loss.

Moraes claims Cejudo is looking for the “easier fight”

And speaking of Cejudo, and his campaign to land a fight with Aldo, Moraes stated this:

“Henry [Cejudo], he wants to fight Aldo,” Moraes said. “He doesn’t want to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight the other contenders. He knows Aldo is a big draw. He was the champion at 145, and fighting him right now is worth more.

“It’s an easier fight with more reward. You and everyone in the game knows what I’m saying.”

How about that? Is Aldo an easier fight for Cejudo than say Aljamain Sterling or Petr Yan? It’s an interesting question.