Mark Wahlberg's kids thought Kim & Kanye were surprise dinner guests

Mark Wahlberg hatched a plan to surprise his family with their first puppy, but the “Shooter” star’s clues were so vague that his kids thought reality stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were coming over for dinner. Instead, they got a bigger surprise when Champ the Pomeranian moved in. The A-List actor describes the comical family fiasco to Ellen DeGeneres in the video below.

Are Kim & Kanye Coming To Dinner?

Wahlberg picked out a Pomeranian puppy for his kids thinking it would be a welcome addition to the family. This was a risky move as he didn’t even include his wife Rhea in on the decision. To hype up his four kids for the arrival, Marky Mark gave them a little teaser that led to some trouble for the star.

“I told my kids I was going to surprise them. Something — or someone — very important was coming to the house,” he said.

The Wahlberg children went into overdrive trying to figure out this surprise. They finally thought they cracked the code and went to their mom who was stunned herself. Rhea Wahlberg was as in the dark as her kids were.

“Meanwhile, I’m in a meeting.” the actor shared. “She barges into the meeting and goes, “I need to talk to you right now. Why are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West coming here at dinner time?”‘ Walkberg told Ellen as the audience laughed.

The “Lone Survivor” actor couldn’t understand what Rhea was talking about and why the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” stars would be coming over for dinner. Especially when he was going to be introducing his family to the new puppy that same night.

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Then his wife explained the situation. “She said Brendan and Grace literally said, ‘If it’s somebody important, it’s got to be them,” he told Ellen.

Wahlbergs VIP Surprise

Rhea Wahlberg quickly learned that she didn’t have to entertain America’s most notorious reality stars. While this was a relief, she wasn’t happy her husband made such a big decision unilaterally. Especially since she hates “those little furry dogs”. Uh oh!

Or at least that is what she thought.

The Wahlberg kids immediately forgot about the Kardashians when they discovered someone better was coming to dinner, their precious new pup. No Hollywood star could overshadow getting a dog.

Ironically, wife Rhea was the first to scoop up the adorable ball of fluff and horde him all to herself. It seemed she was even more excited than the four kids about Wahlberg’s special surprise!

And it’s no wonder – just look at that face!

A dog is an important part of the family. Dogs provide us with unconditional love and support. They don’t judge us. That’s an important role in a family with four kids.

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The Wahlberg kids were thrilled and so was Mark’s wife after she laid eyes on their puppy named Champ.

Champ Is An Instagram Star

The kids were so enthralled with their dog that they set up an Instagram account to share Champ’s adventures with the world.

The Walberg children age in range from 16 to 10. This little 9 pound wonder dog has fit in incredibly well. Everyone in the family adores the four-legged poofball.

Watch Mark Wahlberg relive this hilarious family tale in the video below.

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