Joy Villa Grammys Trump dress

Joy Villa made waves at the Grammys on Sunday night by once again wearing a dress adorned with messages of support for President Donald Trump. Her dress said TRUMP down the front and then IMPEACHED and RE-ELECTED on the back.

The Grammys is, of course, packed with Hollywood liberals who typically don’t have much tolerance for the viewpoints of others. Singer Joy Villa does not mind standing out as a proud conservative, even when she is surrounded by people infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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The award-winning singer tweeted a picture of herself wearing her very unique MAGA-styled dress. She also wore a large red feather in her hair and carried a purse adorning the GOP elephant. She reminded people that Donald Trump is about to make history.

Impeached And Re-Elected

“Our president @realDonaldTrump will be the first ever to be impeached and re-elected!
Fabulous couture Miss America gown by @Desidesigns #GRAMMYs,” Villa tweeted.

Villa proudly modeled for the cameras while wearing her body hugging patriotic coverlet decorated with blue sequins and white stars. The cameras flashed nonstop as she revealed her dress.

From Fox News:

Villa then took off the white outer layer and revealed a plunging red halter dress embellished with white letters that spelled out “TRUMP” down the center. The gown also read “2020” along the bottom.

Joy Villa made sure all of her conservative Twitter followers who weren’t watching the Grammys were aware that she was representing. This woman will not back down. She walks right into the lion’s den of Tinseltown every year!

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Alicia Key’s Slams President Trump At The Grammys

Villa’s support of President Trump was in direct contrast to host Alicia Key’s slam of him. Key’s was the host of the Grammys this year and she called for Trump’s impeachment while singing a version of the song “Someone You Loved.”

From Newsweek:

Singer Alicia Keys told President Donald Trump to “get out” of the White House and called for rapper Cardi B to become a politician during the 62nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

“Tonight we must unite in spite of all the news that we’re seeing,” Keys sang. “It’s like so crazy. I don’t even watch TV.”

“Commander in chief impeached. Ya’ll get out. Let’s bring Cardi B,” she later sang “It’s just too many lies. Too much hate, too much spin. It’s when good people do nothing, that the bad guys win.”

It wouldn’t be an award ceremony featuring elite overpaid entertainers without a slam on President Trump. You can watch Key’s performance in the video below, if you can stomach it.

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