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Jorge Masvidal Sounds Off On Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman, GSP

UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal [1] was a guest on Submission Radio [2] recently.

Masvidal discussed a number of subjects, including potential bouts with the likes of Conor McGregor [8], Kamaru Usman and Georges St-Pierre.

Late in 2019, Masvidal bested Nate Diaz, winning the “BMF” title and positioning himself for a big 2020.

Jorge Masvidal Interview

On who he wants to fight next between Conor McGregor or Kamaru Usman

“It’s a combo platter answer, because obviously I need money. I’ve been doing this, you know, I’ll be going 17 years. I need the biggest pay checks possible, I need to secure my future like that. I can’t just leave a pigeon in the sky. So, if there’s money to get, obviously I need to secure that money. I’ve been in the sport a long time and it’s hard to get to where I’m at. The next phase that I’m going to, I need to make sure I go even harder and I beat the right guys that I have to beat. So, whether it was the owl dude or Conor, it kind of doesn’t even matter to me, because whoever it is, I’m gonna baptise him, man.”

On Conor McGregor wanting to potentially fight Usman for the title

“It’s cute, man. Conor, it’s cute. It’s just cute. It’s basically where it’s at. You don’t do nothing at 170. You have some type of power at 155. You could skip, I don’t know who and what. At 155, that’s cool. But at 170, that wouldn’t even be a conversation, just based on his record alone. He’s like one and one at 170. And on top of it, he’d have to go through me to get the title shot. I dictate who gets the next title shot and when. And that’s just simple. If I’m fighting Conor, then maybe somebody else gets the title shot. If I’m not fighting Conor, then I’m fighting right for this title. Well then, I’m having fucken owl soup.”

On Conor McGregor not fighting the toughest opponent available to him in his return

“A part of me, is like, it’s not my problem, I don’t care. Another part of me is like a fan, somebody who watches the sport, and Conor brought a lot of eyes to the sport, so it’s good to have him back.”

“He’s back to fight a top contender. He’s not picking no slouch, he’s fighting a stud in cowboy. It’s an older Cowboy that’s been through a lot of wars, yes, but it’s still Cowboy. Not only is he a draw but he’s a very competitive individual. I think he’s like number five or six in the world right now. So, he’s definitely no slouch. Were there tougher fights? Of course, there was probably tougher fights, but it’s a great fight. I’ll be tuning in and I’ll be watching.”

If Masvidal is going to be going for McGregor to win so that it can lead to a fight with him

“I don’t know if Conor wins it means that he fights me. I really don’t know that. I don’t think so. From watching interviews, hearing things, I don’t think so, man. I think buddy goes a different path, man. Maybe I’m just looking into the future. But I don’t think so. I think I’m gonna end up making owl soup at some point this year.”

If it’s more likely he fights Usman over McGregor next

“Yeah. A part of me feels like, man, buddy (McGregor) doesn’t want to scrap. Cool, okay, next. I’m not gonna linger on it or nothing like that or force nobody to dance with me. If you don’t want to dance, cool, on to the next. Somebody’s getting a *Makes a baptism gesture*.”

If being at UFC 246 to watch the fight cage site will help set up the fight with McGregor next

“I mean, he could and he couldn’t. A part of me there is just to watch the fight, because I love fights as well, you know. And also, if I do fight Conor, maybe it’s something I do pick up on the live streaming that I couldn’t see on the TV. So, that’s a part of it. If I get called out, yeah, we’ll fucking cut a dope ass promo, everybody sees, I don’t know, he does a backflip off the cage and knocks Dana White into the fucking third row because he pushes him to try and punch me and whatever the fuck. I don’t know what the kids are into these days, what type of WWE promo they can cut. All I can tell you is this, if my management says, ‘hey, listen the contract is here, this is what we’re doing’, it’s time to go isolation, zero dark thirty, let’s go to war. That’s what I’m waiting for. I don’t even give a fuck who it is, to tell you the truth, man. I want the belt. I don’t mind showing the world just how good I am, but it’s in management’s decision exactly.”

McGregor/Cerrone Prediction

“Conor’s amazing off the blocks. I think he’s got great timing. While guys are getting their timing, Conor’s already coming in with the timing. He already has their timing by the time you go toyou’re your timing. Good power, good confidence in it. I would rank Conor one of the better starters of the sport. Donald on the other hand is more of a rhythm fighter. He takes a little bit to work at it. He puts his feints together, his movements, starts gauging speeds, see how fast, how strong they’re throwing. So, he works on that and he’s like a rhythm fighter. So, with time he does a little bit better, And I think he’s got a little bit better endurance than Conor as well. So, if Cowboy comes out and he’s like a duel threat, it becomes more of a problem, then I start to lean more to Cowboy. If he just comes out flatfooted and he’s in front of Conor, I heavily go towards Conor, man. It’s just tailormade for Conor. Flatfooted righthanded fighter is just custom made for a southpaw with a decent left hand. So, it can be interesting, because even in that mayhem Cowboy can land the knee, he could land the kick. He’s the bigger guy. But I think it really depends on Cowboy, what kind of strategy he comes out with.”

On being the guy to get GSP to come back for a super fight

“Well, they’ve said this about me, that I resurrect fighters and then I retire them again. So, I wouldn’t mind if GSP jumped on that campaign. In all honestly, as a competitor, I want to fucking break his face. I want to go out there and give him everything I got. But I respect the time what he’s done. Then he took I don’t know how many years off, came back, beat Bisping for the legitimate middleweight title. Dude’s a stud. He’s a fucking animal, bro. I would put everything into my being, into my soul, to end this individual, because he’s that good. He’s the type of fighter, this shit would require a nice training camp, isolation away from the world and just focus on the task, just day in and day out, cause he’s a hell of competitor, and I’m not taking a back seat to nobody in this division. So, I would love it.”

“You can’t compare Usman to GSP or nothing. Even if he’d be a bad style for GSP or not – which I don’t think he is – you couldn’t compare them. And then after GSP because of the sheer volume and stuff, I definitely throw my boy Woodley in there, Robbie Lawler as well. I mean, welterweight has just had some psychopaths in that weight class that are just mean individuals, that are athletic as hell. I mean, Robbie was just sheer violence when he had that title. Same thing with Woodley, man. With Woodley, all it takes is one shot and the fight is over. And he can wrestle his ass off too. So, there’s just some great studs, man. I think I got in the “who guy” – shit, I think I got the easy draw, man. I used to fuck with my boy T-Wood and Robbie man. I think my work’s cut for me obviously, I don’t take nobody lightly that has two hands.”

On Usman’s “who” comments

“On a personal note, Usman’s coaches, training staff, a good amount of them were my graduating class from American Top Team before they split and Blackzillians and then whatever the gym is called now that they created with Henry Hooft and other individuals. Great gym and stuff, but that’s a part of what used to be American Top Team. So, his coaches know, his training partners know very well who I am, and he knows very well who I am. So, for him to say ‘who’, it’s kind of like… I know why you’re saying ‘who’, I know why you’re saying ‘who’. The circle’s ain’t that big. We both know what time it is when we both get in there.”

“Imagine his training partners and coaches and stuff are telling him exactly who I am. This guy Masvidal, it’s not rumours or myths, this guy is really a bad motherfucker. They knew I was a hard worker then. And I’m not exaggerating, a lot of guys that are even in his corner know very well who I am, and this is my everything how my work ethic is. Usman knows that who’s gonna cost him in the ring. So, he better go keep asking for that other dude that nobody knows his name that he already beat that’s ranked under me. Mmm, that makes a lot of sense. The guy you already beat, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. The guy that you beat that’s ranked under me, you want to give him a title shot? That dude’s bananas, man. But you can’t blame him. He wants to hold onto that belt. Do your thing, man. I’m just a bully now. I’m just being this bully. Conor doesn’t want to fight, Usman doesn’t want to fight. What am I to do? Poor me.”

On if he’s trained with Usman

“I don’t train with with betas man, so no, I never trained with betas in my life.”