Jorge Masvidal Shoots Down Conor McGregor’s “Cute”, 170 Title Aspirations

Conor McGregor recently relayed that he has designs on winning the UFC's welterweight title, and Jorge Masvidal has made it clear, he doesn't see that happening.

Conor McGregor turned heads recently by reporting that if he takes more bouts at 170, it will be with the intent to win the UFC’s welterweight title. Well, the man who is likely standing in the way of that happening, Jorge Masvidal, thinks the star’s aspirations are “cute”.

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Masvidal shoots down McGregor’s grand plan for 170

As McGregor gets set to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, January 18th, there’s been endless talk about him fighting Jorge Masvidal next (provided he beats “Cowboy” of course). During a promotional tour last fall, McGregor said he wants the BMF title, which Masvidal secured by defeating Nate Diaz in November.

Well, since Masvidal has repeatedly called for a bout with McGregor, and because it would be a massive, massive fight, talk about the match-up has been making the rounds. But, in a more recent interview, McGregor said the welterweight title would be his main focus at 170, rather than just a fight with Masvidal.

So what does Masvidal think of that? During a recent appearance on “Submission Radio“, “Gamebred” said this (quote via MMA Junkie):

“It’s cute, man. Conor, it’s cute. It’s just cute,” Masvidal said. “It’s basically where it’s at. You don’t do nothing at 170. You have some type of power at 155. You could skip I don’t know who and what. At 155, that’s cool. But at 170, that wouldn’t even be a conversation, just based on his record alone. He’s like 1-1 at 170. And on top of it, he’d have to go through me to get the title shot. I dictate who gets the next title shot and when. And that’s just simple. If I’m fighting Conor, then maybe somebody else gets the title shot. If I’m not fighting Conor, then I’m fighting right for this title. Well then, I’m having (expletive) owl soup.”

How about that? Others have certainly questioned whether Conor can carry his power to 170, and in a division with several, top tier wrestlers, like the champ Kamaru Usman, it likely would be a hard road for McGregor. But, you never know right? Lots of people expressed doubts about McGregor being able to compete in the UFC’s 155 division, and he won that belt.

It’s also worth noting that in this interview, Masvidal also expressed doubts that McGregor will ever agree to fight him.

“I don’t know if Conor wins it means that he fights me. I really don’t know that. I don’t think so,” said Masvidal. . “From watching interviews, hearing things, I don’t think so. I think buddy goes a different path. Maybe I’m just looking into the future, but I don’t think so. I think I’m gonna end up making owl soup at some point this year.”

“Owl soup”?

The “owl soup”, by the way, is a jab at Usman. A couple of times recently, Usman has asked “who”, when reporters have brought up Masvidal. So, the outspoken contender has been referring to Usman as an “owl” in more recent days…

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