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2020 Super Bowl Ad Featuring 85-Year-Old Widower Is Unforgettable, Like His Wife

This year's Super Bowl commercial in which a widower uses Google Assistant to help remember the love of his life might be one of the best yet.

The Super Bowl is when many companies bring out their best commercials. Sometimes they are hilarious and other times they make you think. While we are still a few days away from Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020, Google opted for an early release of their commercial “Loretta” and it’s unforgettable. This special Super Bowl commercial is a real tearjerker in which a widower carefully preserves his memories with the love of his life.

Google’s 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

In the 90 second spot titled “Loretta”, the man tells his Google assistant to remember things about his departed wife.

This humble ad contrasts starkly with others that will include high priced celebrity appearances or high tech digital graphics. The real life of everyday Americans can be the most relatable. And this particular ad definitely tugs at the heartstrings. It’s not one of any of us will soon forget.

That’s what Google is banking on and they hit a home run with this simple and heartfelt ad.

Grandpa’s Super Bowl Debut

The grandfather of a Google employee is the focus of this 2020 Super Bowl commercial.

The 85-year-old grandpa even did the VoiceOver for the touching commercial that will make you believe in love again. This tender hearted grandpa will make his big screen debut to the masses during the 54th Super Bowl.

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The widower asks Google to remember things about his wife. The computer obligingly brings up photos of the couple that match what he is talking about.

“Loretta used to hum showtunes” and “Loretta’s favorite flowers were tulips “are among the things he tells Google to remember about his wife. Pictures depicting these memories flash up on the screen.

I was just minding my own business when I came upon this pre-released Super Bowl ad. I wasn’t expecting it to be so touching, but it hit me hard in the feelings when the elderly man remembers how his wife hated his mustache and how she snorted when she laughed.

The accompanying photos showed a couple full of love, laughter, and a lifetime of memories.

It’s an excellent reminder to cherish your loved ones and to remember to live in the moment as those moments quickly fade. And now these personal electronic devices can help us store our memories to remind us of the love and the special moments as years pass.

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Remembering “Loretta”

Grab you tissues and watch Google’s special Super Bowl commercial, “Loretta”, in the video below.

It shows that companies don’t have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful commercial. Real life feelings will win people over every time.

If you loved the Notebook, this heartfelt ad will rock you to you your core. You’ll want to hug a loved one afterwards.

The ad will make its television debut during the Super Bowl on FOX when the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, February 2nd.

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