Really Want to See Jon Jones at Heavyweight? Manager Says Call Brock Lesnar

It sounds like Jon Jones' manager doesn't see the light-heavyweight king moving to heavyweight anytime soon...unless it's to welcome Brock Lesnar back to the Octagon.

Over the years, Jon Jones has talked about moving up to heavyweight at various junctures, but to date, the much discussed jump has never occurred. Well, while it doesn’t look like the light-heavyweight champ’s manager sees Jones fighting at heavyweight in the near future, that could change if it’s to battle Brock Lesnar.

Jon Jones
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Manager believes Brock Lesnar fight would get Jones to HW

Due to Jones’ height, ridiculously long reach, and his dominance at 205, discussion about him fighting at heavyweight is nothing new. In more recent years, there was speculation that Jones could move up to fight his rival Daniel Cormier when he held the UFC’s heavyweight belt. More recently, Jones has talked about the possibility of fighting the current heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic as well as the feared slugger, Francis Ngannou.It should also be noted that in the past, Jones relayed that he would be down to fight Lesnar.

Well, Jones is currently booked to fight light-heavyweight contender Dominick Reyes on February 8th at UFC 247. If “Bones” wins that fight, it’s not really clear who could be next for the champ, and as a result, talk about him fighting at heavyweight continues to make the rounds.

But, while speaking to MMA Junkie recently, Jones’ manager Abraham Kawa had this to say about the star fighting at heavyweight:

“Jon’s comfortable at light heavyweight,” Kawa said. “He has no reason to go up to heavyweight unless it makes financial sense for him. He’s already proved that he’s the best fighter that we’ve ever seen. He’s already proved that he’s the GOAT. In my opinion, he’s the GOAT.”

“I don’t know if he goes to heavyweight,” Kawa said. “If the challenge is there and the challenge makes financial sense, he may or may not do it, it’s really up to him so that’s a question for Jon, but it won’t be a question that I believe he would answer today.”

“Everyone is dying to see Jon jump to heavyweight, well ok, there’s your jump to heavyweight. Give him the big, scary monster that is Brock Lesnar and we could go from there.”

Jones vs. Lesnar?

A fight between Jones and Lesnar would be absolutely massive, and when “Bones” called for the bout in the past the pro-wrestling star sounded interested. But, here in 2020, it’s not clear whether Lesnar would be willing to return to the Octagon one more time. After all, the UFC planned to have him fight Daniel Cormier last year and Lesnar opted to remain in the WWE.

But, you never know. If Jones defeats Reyes and if the UFC is willing to offer Lesnar a truckload of money, maybe the former heavyweight champ would be on board?

UFC 247 will be hosted by the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on February 8th.

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