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Hollywood liberal stars make millions of dollars every year from starring in movies that glorify gun violence. Yet they are always the first ones to tell their fellow Americans that owning guns is wrong. That’s why it’s so refreshing that actress Jenna Boyd, a former child star who found fame starring in the 2005 film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, is now defying the liberal world of Hollywood to defend herself as a proud “Christian gun owner.”

Jenna Boyd Is Proud To Be A Christian Gun Owner

Daily Mail reported that 26-year-old actress Jenna Boyd, who hails from Bedford, Texas and currently stars on the Netflix Series “Atypical,” took to the social media app TikTok this week to send a sassy video comeback to her leftwing haters.

“Honestly, I really only get hate for about three things,” she said in the video. “One, being a gun owner. Two, running my skincare business, and three, being a Christian.”

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Boyd went on to talk about specific hateful comments that she has received, adding that she is so unbothered by the negativity that she is able to laugh in the face of it.

“People say all kinds of things like, ‘How do you sleep at night?’ And, y’all, all I can tell you…if you really you want to know, it’s after I’ve said my prayers with some bomb night cream on my face and with a loaded 38 special underneath my bed,” the young actress said.

Liberal Backlash Intensifies

Jenna Boyd’s video quickly went viral, and she received a wide range of comments on it.

Inevitably, liberals could not resist sending more hate to Boyd for being a proud Christian gun-owning woman.

“Gun owner? Sorry I really like u and I won’t ever judge someone’s religion or whatever but I’m gonna unfollow bc I won’t ever support this,” one social media user wrote. With another user adding, “This is not a personality trait sister.”

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Conservative Fans Praise Jenna Boyd

Others, however, expressed support to Boyd for being so open about being a Christian gun-owner.

“Omg I love you even more now that i know you’re a christian & you own guns,” one user commented.

Anyone who has ever worked in the entertainment world is risking any future career by posting a video like this one.

So we wholeheartedly applaud Jenna Boyd for having the courage to “come out” as a Christian gun owner in Hollywood.

If only more Hollywood stars would have the guts to do the same thing!

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