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Democrat Mayor Changed ‘Christmas Parade’ To ‘Winter Parade’ Until Christians Fought Back

During her first Christmas season in office, Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin decided to remove the reason for the season. But, Christians in the West Virginia state capital fought back. They wouldn’t stand idly by in this war on Christmas. Their swift outcry to preserve their beloved Christmas parade forced the new Democrat mayor to reverse her decision.

Charleston’s Democrat Mayor’s War On Christmas

Goodwin announced on social media that the annual Christmas Parade was being renamed as the Winter Parade and she moved the time from the weekend to a weekday night. The liberal mayor made this announcement without first consulting members of Council, who found out via a Facebook post.

The announcement created a firestorm of controversy.

So the leftwing Mayor attempted to neutralize the anger by using the liberal push button words of inclusivity. But, Christmas is Christmas. Winter is a season and not something many people see as a reason for a festive parade. And certainly not at the expense of the birth of Christ.

It didn’t appear that any specific group was even protesting the name of the Christmas parade. Mayor Goodwin apparently had the bright idea herself. Maybe she thinks stripping the word Christmas from the annual  parade would roll out the welcome mat to everyone.

Case in point, the Democrat mayor wanted to remove the mention of Christmas “to show that Charleston is a welcoming and inclusive city.”

Christians Fight Back in the War On Christmas

What she didn’t count on was what she called “vitriol” from Christian constituents who felt the new mayor was declaring War on Christmas by sanitizing the name of the holiday. Religious leaders spoke up as did other politicians along with average citizens who have had enough of political correctness.

“We are calling on Mayor Goodwin and her liberal allies to end this madness and allow our citizens to freely and fully exercise their Freedom of Religion with a CHRISTMAS PARADE,” State Senate President Mitch Carmichael said.

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After a long 72 hours, Mayor Goodwin finally admitted defeat and returned the Christmas parade to its rightful name.

“After much consideration and conversation with religious leaders from all faiths and community members, we have decided to keep the name, ‘Charleston Christmas Parade,'” Goodwin stated [3]. “We understand the history and tradition of the parade and we want to continue that for years to come.”

Mayor’s Official Statement

In the end, the Democratic Mayor made a formal statement. The full statement of defeat in her War on Christmas read:

“I truly appreciate all the calls, emails and feedback we have received over the last couple of days regarding the Charleston Christmas Parade. We decided to move the parade to the evening of Thursday, December 12 after consultation with business owners to create an amazing festive scene with window decorations and lights. In considering changing the name of the parade, we wanted to show that Charleston is a welcoming and inclusive City. We did not mean or intend any disrespect to any person, group or religion and we did not mean to exclude anyone from the parade, actually it is the exact opposite. We want to include EVERYONE.”

This is proof that speaking up against political correctness can change the outcome. Together, civic leaders and citizens banded together to fight the War on Christmas. More information is in the video below.