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There’s no shortage of professional athletes who are eager to speak out against Donald Trump like it is their job to do so (ahem – Colin Kaepernick). So it’s very rare that a sports star has the courage to publicly support the president. That’s why it came as a welcome surprise over the weekend when UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell did just that in an out-of-the-blue tweet at Trump!

UFC’s Bryce Mitchell Offers His Services To Trump

Fox News reported that Mitchell continued his undefeated UFC streak on Saturday night when he earned a submission victory over Matt Sayles in a featherweight bout. The win brings Mitchell to a 12-0 career record.

After the fight, Mitchell surprised everyone by tweeting to offer his unique set of services to none other than President Trump!

Knowing that Trump is having problems with a whole cast of DC politicians right now, Mitchell offered to beat up any lawmaker who is giving the president trouble.

“Donald Trump. I’m up here in D.C.,” Mitchell said “If you need help whooping some politician, holler at me bro; I’ll do it for free!” he shouted into the microphone after his victory.”

Mitchell Offers To Buy Trump Dinner

Not stopping there, Mitchell also offered to buy the president dinner.

“I’m up here in DC, I had to say something to my boy Donald Trump, he’s right down the street, if he wants to go grab a bite to eat, it’s on me,” he later added.

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Mitchell’s Epic ‘Twister’ Move

To get his latest win over Sayles, Mitchell used a move called the “twister,” which he said he taught himself from watching YouTube videos.

“Just seen it on YouTube,” he said Monday. “Eddie Bravo gives such a detailed description of how to do it, I mean, anybody can learn [it] on YouTube… Nobody believes me — I get stuff on YouTube all the time.”

Mitchell added that he had not planned on using this move, and only did so when Sayles gave him the opportunity.

“I’d never felt a twister with that much tension on it. I don’t know what gives first — it f—ks your hips, your back and your neck up,” Mitchell said.

“His back felt like a big rubber band — I felt resistance, but I felt myself pulling through the resistance. I felt tension, and then I felt it releasing, and I felt more tension and it just felt like I was tearing something.”

With so many highly paid professional athletes using their platforms to disparage Trump, it’s refreshing to see a sports star publicly supporting him in a fun, lighthearted way.

Especially when Trump-Hating Megan Rapinoe was just named Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsperson of The Year”. Yes – your read that correctly – SI says “sportsperson“. Remember when Rapinoe made headlines for this: American Soccer Star Ignores National Anthem for Sickening Reason

Congratulations to Mitchell for his big UFC win, and we hope Trump decides to take him up on that dinner invitation!

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