Rumor: Fantastic Four Film Will Introduce Old School Herald of Galactus to Challenge Captain Marvel in MCU

A new Fanastic Four rumor indicates the film introduce an old school herald of Galactus, Frankie Raye aka Nova.

The rumor comes from Mikey Sutton via The Cosmic Wonder YouTube channel.

The rumor details that Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch is in love, and he’s in love with Frankie Raye aka Nova and the former Herald of Galactus.

The Cosmic Wonder explains:

“According to Mikey Sutton and his sources the man on fire is in love. Johnny Storm has fallen for a new girl. A gorgeous redhead known as Frankie Raye.”

He continues:

“According to Mikey, one of the priorities for Marvel Studios when they debut the Fantastic Four into the MCU is to flesh out the characters in the ways that Fox didn’t do.”

Heralds of Galactus

The Cosmic Wonder adds:

“The scoop goes on to say that there are several decades of comic books that Marvel Studios will pull from. They are thinking of building up Raye as Johnny’s dream girl. His Mary Jane if you will. The Fantastic Four is still in early development, but Raye is on their radar. After the Silver Surfer is introduced as the Herald of Galactus, it is a job that Norrin Radd doesn’t have for long.”

He goes on to detail that Silver Surfer and Galactus will be introduced to the MCU. However, the Silver Surfer won’t remain the Herald of Galactus. In fact, Frankie Raye will replace Norrin Radd as the Herald of Galactus adapting John Byrne’s Fantastic Four comics in the 80s.

The Cosmic Wonder then concludes:

“Marvel Studios wants to make her soar as a cosmic power, one that could provide a challenge even for Captain Marvel.”

Who is Frankie Raye?

For those unfamiliar with Frankie Raye, she was created by Roy Thomas and George Perez and first appeared in Fantastic Four #164 back in 1975.

She was originally an interpreter for the United Nations before she became Johnny Storm’s girlfriend despite having a fear of fire.

However, they would quickly break up. The two would reconcile and begin dating again with Raye discovering that her fear of fire was actually a mental block created by her stepfather Phineas Horton, the creator of the original Human Torch. Horton placed the block in order to prevent Frankie from discovering her fire powers.

After discovering her powers, Raye would aid the Fantastic Four before becoming the herald of Galactus and taking the name Nova.

In fact, Raye would lead Galactus to planets that were known enemies of the Fantastic Four and Earth. She would lead Galactus to the Skrull Throne world, whereupon he consumed it.

Frankie Raye Nova

Raye would eventually be killed by her successor as the Herald of Galactus, Morg.

What do you make of this new rumor? Are you interested in seeing Frankie Raye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Would you want to see her go toe to toe against Captain Marvel as the Herald of Galactus?

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