Multiple Superstars Return On Black Friday SmackDown

On Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, WWE fans got to witness a few long awaited returns. Alexa Bliss, Sheamus and Elias all returned to WWE TV.

Sheamus Returns To SmackDown

WWE Sheamus

We’ve long been wondering about when we would see Sheamus return. The multi-time champion has been out for an extended period due to concussion related issues. Needless to say, plenty of fans were happy to see his vignette, which should indicate an imminent return.


Alexa Bliss Returns, Saves Nikki Cross

We haven’t seen Alexa Bliss in a bit, as the former Women’s Champion was sidelined with a shoulder injury.

Now that Little Miss Bliss is fully recovered, she was more than happy to make her triumphant return on Friday, and in doing so save her friend Nikki Cross from a ruthless double team at the hands of Fire And Desire.

Elias Has Come Back From Broken Ankle

The last of the wrestlers returning on SmackDown? Elias.

While Alexa got physically involved in the center of the ring, Elias is easing his way back a bit more slowly. We saw The Drifter pop up in a backstage segment between Batista’s new squeeze Dana Brooke and Drake Maverick.

It’s nice to see all three Superstars back, or just about back. All add much needed depth to the roster, and allows for some new and fresh feuds to come our way as WWE looks to wrap up 2019 in a good way.

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