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Kanye West And Joel Osteen To Team Up For Massive 2020 Event

It has just been announced that rapper Kanye West is teaming up with Christian pastor Joel Osteen. In 2020, they will hold a huge faith-based event that is sure to change countless lives for the better.

West and Osteen Together

West is planning to join Osteen and his wife Victoria [1] for their “Night of Hope” on May 2 at New York City’s Yankee Stadium. During the event, Osteen will likely be preaching and praying while letting music lead the worship. It will be much like he did when West recently went to his Lakewood megachurch to perform with his Sunday Service Choir.

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Though this will be Osteen’s “Night Of Hope” event, it will be the first for West. Olsteen describes West as “the greatest artist that God has ever created.”

West Feels ‘Liberated In Service’ Since Finding God

After appearing at Osteen’s megachurch, West said he feels “liberated in service” since becoming a born-again Christian.

“Praise God for the anointing and talent and what he’s given me since age 5 — me pursuing the arts, going to art school, or even the scholarship he gave me from the Art Institute of Chicago,” West said.  “All of these things he gave me: these platforms at the Grammy’s, through the visual arts, through space, through live performances — now I can be in service to him.”

Yankee Stadium has a capacity of 54,251, and while this is over 10,000 more than the capacity at Lakewood, the event is expected to sell out quickly. Details of pricing are still being worked out. But for past events like this one, tickets have gone for $15 and the event has lasted approximately 2-1/2 hours.

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A source close to them said that Osteen asked West when they were going to team up again, and the pair then agreed on doing so for this event.

Kanye Loves Spreading the Word of Christ

West has made spreading the word of God his main focus recently, releasing music videos for his Christian tracks “Follow God” and “Closed On Sunday.” Unlike most other celebrities in the typically secular entertainment industry, West has not been shy about sharing his newly found Christian faith.

West recently said that his spiritual awakening has made him realize he’s no longer in the service of fame and money but “in service to God.”

“I know that God has been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me for a long time,” West said.

God bless Kanye West for using his platform to inspire his fans to find God!