UFC 244: Darren Till Could Care Less About Kelvin Gastelum’s Weigh-in Controversy

Yesterday there was plenty of discussion and debate regaring whether Kelvin Gastelum and his coach may have pulled a fast one at the weigh-ins. But, Darren Till says he could give "two" you know whats about what transpired.

Darren Till knows what it’s like to have the MMA world fixated on your cutting weight process and hitting the scales. But, the British star says he could care less about the drama tied to Kelvin Gastelum’s weigh-in yesterday.

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The drama regarding Gastelum’s weigh-in

Yesterday Gastelum officially came in at 184 pounds for his bout today with Till. But, some folks noticed that when Gastelum stepped on the scales, his right elbow appeared to be resting on his coach, Rafael Cordeiro.

Since that’s against the rules, the New York Commission announced it’s going to look into disciplinary actions. But, the fight will proceed (statement via MMA Weekly).

“The Commission has reviewed the footage of Mr. Gastelum’s weigh-in. The Commission has determined that Mr. Gastelum made contact with another person while on the scale, a violation of the weigh in policy.”

“In light of this violation, the Commission will pursue disciplinary action. At this time, the official weight determination will not be disturbed, and Mr. Gastelum will not be disqualified from competing in UFC 244, as the possible contact indicated in the video cannot be said to have materially impacted Mr. Gastelum’s weight to the extent that he would have exceeded the applicable weight limit allowable for competition in the match.”

Till’s response

Well, not surprisingly, Till was asked to comment on what went down at the weigh-ins, and the talented striker said this (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“Everyone’s been sending me (the photos and videos),” Till said. “If he did or he didn’t, it doesn’t matter to me because my coach told me a long time ago, ‘Any man over 70 kilos (154.3 pounds) should be able to defend himself, especially in the octagon.’ So for me – I’ve seen the video. Did he or didn’t he? I couldn’t give two (expletives).

“It’s a fight. If he was five or 10 pounds over or he actually made weight, it doesn’t change anything. I’m here for what’s fair. I want to earn my fairly I don’t want no money, I don’t want nothing. I just want to (expletive) fight.”

If you’ve followed Till over the last couple of years these comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. Weigh-ins aside, Till also had this to say, while discussing the fact he didn’t arrive in New York City until late into fight week.

“I’m jet-lagged, but I’m here to fight,” Till said. “No excuses. Just go in there to fight and give the best of me. Keep doubting me. I couldn’t give two (expletives).”

It’s a very compelling fight. No question. Can Till pull off the upset and move right into the top ten of the middleweight division?

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