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Triple H Slams WWE Wrestlers Who Requested Their Release Online

There has been a slew of WWE superstars who’ve requested their release online recently. Naturally, this has not escaped WWE management [1], although reactions from them have been relatively scarce. Now, Triple H has spoken out about the online release requests and has slammed the wrestlers in question for it.

Triple H Finds Online Release Requests Unprofessional

WWE Triple H
Image Credit: Provided via WWE.com

During a recent interview at a media conference, Triple H [2] told the media exactly what he thought about the online release requests. The Game said how he found the behavior unprofessional.

“If you have an issue, talk to us. If you think ‘oh, I’m gonna go put that on the media’ that’s not a way to go about doing your business. If I had a complaint with a talent, I don’t go on Twitter and complain to them, I speak to them. So I’ve never understood that process.”

During the interview, Triple H [3] also mentioned that it almost seems like a maturity issue – rather immaturity issue. He find the entire thing silly.

“But there’s a silliness to it, to me there’s a maturity issue of it’s not how you handle business. Anybody that’s out there that is serious about it that’s talking on the internet, that ain’t the place to do it. We all have phones, we all have cell phones, you handle your business like a professional. Everybody likes to think we don’t stick to the word and everybody likes to say professional wrestlers, the key word in front of that — professional. That’s what we’re trying to change about the business and make people more professional.”

WWE Wrestlers Who’ve Requested Their Release Online

WWE Sin Cara

Over the past couple of years, there have been many wrestlers who’ve requested their release online. Some of the most notable include Sin Cara [4], Luke Harper, Mike Kanellis, and Jordan Myles [5]. At the time of this article, none of these releases have been granted.

Luke Harper

Jordan Myles has been one of the most vocal superstars to request his release. However, he is one of the very few NXT superstars to do so. Myles claims that World Wrestling Entertainment is racist because of the release of a distasteful T-shirt for the wrestler.

jordan myles

Recently, there were rumors of the WWE granting the release of unhappy wrestlers. Even though the company is hesitant to grant releases due to the presence of rival company All Elite Wrestling, it is believed that release requests could be granted in the nearby future.

World Wrestling Entertainment keeping a stranglehold on its talent does not bode well for future deals. After all, nobody wants to be kept to a contract when they are not being used by the company. Releasing wrestlers would not only be better for the company, it would also turn out to be cheaper in terms of staff cost. While some of those wrestlers may leave for AEW, it doesn’t mean that other talent cannot be acquired.

Whether or not releases will be granted remains to be seen. If changes are in the works, I think we’ll have to wait until next year to see any releases.