The Undertaker and Michelle McCool Visit United States Marines

The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool visited Unites States marines in Quantico, Virginia these week. Here are the photographs and the details!

The WWE has always been involved with army charities. They have also been involved with the army in general, supporting veterans as well as active service members. Now, the WWE has sent none other than The Undertaker and Michelle McCool to Quantico, Virginia.

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool Visit Quantico

The Undertaker


Little is known about the purpose of the visit, but according to Ringside News, McCool and The Phenom visited Quantico for their Veterans Day celebrations. According to sources, The Undertaker called it the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

The Phenom and his other half Michelle McCool joined in some of the activities for Veterans Day.

It seems like Mark Calaway (Undertaker) is stepping away from the mystique of his character and spending more time in the limelight as himself. I’m not really sad about it either, because there are so many things he can do outside the wrestling ring. So, big class act for both Michelle and Mark.


Lengthy Interview With Stone Cold Steve Austin

The WWE recently revealed that The Phenom would make an appearance for the first episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull SessionsAs Mark is not exactly known to give lengthy interviews, this was quite the surprising turn of events.

A conversation between Stone Cold and The Phenom allegedly took place already backstage at Madison Square Garden. The interview is set to be revealed just after Survivor Series. And I’m sure it will be a big draw.

The Undertaker Taking New Role?

But why am I mentioning this here? Well, it is once again proof that Mark may be stepping away from the character he’s portrayed in the WWE for many years. He’s enjoyed great success as The Undertaker. But there comes a time when he has to stop wrestling for his own well being. That time may have come, but that does not mean there is no longer a role for Mark in the WWE.

In the past, I have mentioned Mark would be an excellent help for wrestlers in NXT, especially when it comes to character development. For now, the WWE is using him for special appearances. But, he could play a massive role in training new superstars. If he still has the same passion for wrestling he’s always had, then there is no reason why he should not be involved in the process. After all, nobody could pull off the character of The Undertaker, only Mark.

Superstars can learn a lot from the Deadman. And I hope that both Mark and the company consider putting him in a trainer role. He could even take over the role in NXT Dusty Rhodes used to fulfill – helping newcomers with character development and their mic skills. It remains to be seen if this is the direction Mark is going in, or if he will remain a public figure.

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